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Maintaining a Modular Gun Range

Article Contributer – Diana Rotolo

In 2020, Action Target the expert in gun ranges partnered with CoverSix the expert in modular structures to launch Arcas modular ranges. Arcas modular ranges consist of three distinct platforms – the MBL (mobile gun range), EXT (3 lane extended modular gun range), and DLX (a 14-lane modular small arms range with an open bay void of pillars. This offering allows customers to purchase a rapidly-deployable gun range that requires minimal infrastructure anywhere in the world. Arcas modular gun ranges is outfitted with Action Target’s industry-leading range equipment so training and quality need not be impacted by the modular nature of Arcas.

Action Target is also the leading expert in maintaining gun ranges and offers customers a suite of services, support staff and programs to ensure their facility remains in peak operating condition. As with any range, modular being no exception, a great amount of effort and attention to detail must be paid to maintaining the range.

From scheduled maintenance and cleanings to managing metals recycling, hazardous waste disposal, and compliance documentation, Action Target’s programs and services can help you streamline your operations and simplify your procedures.

Why a Maintenance Schedule Is Essential for Modular Ranges

First and foremost, you must implement a service and maintenance schedule and stick to it meticulously. The health and longevity of your range depends upon it. With every Action Target range that is manufactured and installed comes an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manual. Make sure you keep this manual accessible to your range staff, and if necessary, Action Target can send you a digital copy as well so that all the members of your team can have access to this manual. Establishing and maintaining a schedule is crucial to ensuring key maintenance and service is being performed regularly on your equipment. Not only does this ensure your range continues functioning as designed, but it is crucial to maintaining your equipment’s warranty.

Depending on the needs of your range, Action Target also offers service packages that can be tailored to your range Be it electrical, pneumatic, or physical, our technicians have the skills and knowledge to restore equipment operation, thoroughly inspect your range equipment for wear, and assess necessary service and maintenance protocols going forward. Any product that is in need of service can be taken care of on-site by our highly trained and knowledgeable team. Action Target also offers maintenance schedules and maintenance and service logs that will help you as you determine what works best for your equipment, training schedules, or range usage. Our team is able to check the performance history of many products through service logs. These logs provide insights that help us quickly identify solutions.

Keep Your Modular Range Clean

Just as important as maintenance and service is cleanliness. In order to keep those who step foot into your range healthy and safe, as well as remain in compliance with your local and federal agencies, you need to keep your range clean. There are several ways Action Target helps you succeed in this endeavor.

A big part of every maintenance plan for a shooting range is managing all the hazardous byproducts a range produces. These range byproducts include recyclable hazardous materials, such as collected lead, lead dust, brass, and non-recyclable waste such as used PPE and lead-contaminated filters. Any lead-contaminated range items that have a recyclable value are categorized as hazardous materials. All other lead-contaminated range items that have no recyclable value are designated hazardous waste. Ranges are required to properly handle, transport, and recycle or dispose of these byproducts according to EPA, RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act), DOT, and OSHA standards and regulations, with detailed documentation showing proof of this compliance.

Action Target helps manage this material for you through our Metals Recycling and Hazardous Waste disposal programs. We work with you to supply and customize a complimentary packaging system that best fits your range access, usage, and storage capabilities. We help set up a waste profile with federally approved hazardous waste landfills and manage the material as it transitions from pickup at your facility until its time of destruction at the landfill. As a range owner or operator, you are legally liable for this waste, from cradle to grave. With a partner like Action Target helping manage this process for you, you can rest easy knowing that it is being handled properly.

Stay on Top of Bullet Trap Maintenance

At the heart of your range, your bullet trap is one of your most important pieces of equipment. All bullet traps require service and maintenance throughout their life span. Steel and rubber are not impervious to wear and damage. Both bullet trap solutions have distinct maintenance needs, and Action Target is well-versed on what this protocol looks like based on usage of your range. These important pieces of equipment require daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly inspections, maintenance, and service. For a rubber berm trap this includes maintaining the depth of rubber, reapplying fire retardant and properly removing hazardous waste. For a steel trap this includes flipping plates, inspecting back shells and monitoring lead collection barrel levels. Routine maintenance avoids many costly repairs and ensures the bullet trap is working properly and more importantly – safely.

Action Target Can Help

Your target systems are another vital piece of your range, and though they are built to withstand abuse, these also require special care. Reference your action target owners and operations manuals for target system-specific maintenance requirements.

Many range operators simply do not have the manpower, expertise, or time to keep their equipment properly maintained. When lack of maintenance leads to equipment failure, critical operating time is lost. Whether your range is a training facility or a commercial operation, a partnership with Action Target will help you focus your time on the important business of running your range.

Action Target has online service techs available 24/7 that can help you troubleshoot via email, phone, or on remote meetings to help you determine the cause of your mechanical issues, order parts, and even walk you or your team through the process of fixing the equipment that is in need. Many of our products are remotely accessible, allowing our team to quickly troubleshoot and provide assistance.
Also, as software improves, we are able to provide upgrades without the cost of sending a technician to your range. By offering full access to service, this speeds up the maintenance process, ensuring minimum downtime.

Performing all of the required maintenance is key to keeping your equipment under warranty. A regularly scheduled maintenance plan with trained Action Target technicians is the optimal way to make sure this happens. At Action Target, we are confident we have created the best shooting range equipment. We back that up by offering a 3-year comprehensive coverage warranty, which covers both parts and labor due to manufacturing or product defects.

Action Target Can Help

We also offer various extended warranties to give you added peace of mind. Managing a modular small arms range is a multifaceted job, and our goal is to make your job easier. Action Target is committed to being a trusted partner at every level. Contact us to learn more about our full range of services and see what we can do for you.

Article Contributer – Diana Rotolo