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Action Target Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Safety Training Solutions headquartered in Provo, Utah. Action Target is a business that has transformed the concept of shooting range installations. Founded in 1986, the company started by creating a pneumatic turning target system for the Provo Police Department training curriculum. From there, Action Target began working with armor steel and creating innovative designs resulting in unique, patented technology. The steel bullet trap, now known as the Total Containment Trap™, has become a superior trap within the industry because of its ability to successfully collect bullet rounds, lead dust, and other particles in a way that is eco-friendly and low maintenance for the range owner. The Total Containment Trap™, along with other technology that was created as the business grew, changed the way range owners thought about bullet containment and collection, target retrievers, and portable steel targets. Action Target created their initial product line for law enforcement, but their innovative technology eventually spread to the commercial and military markets.

Total Containment Trap™ (TCT)

The TCT incorporates the strengths and eliminates the weaknesses of other traps. It is the superior choice choice for safety, reliability, simple maintenance, and ease of use.

A New Era

Genesis | Whether training or entertainment is the goal, Genesis allows ranges to engage shooters like never before. From advanced programs, to dynamic target behavior that eliminates predictability, the Genesis sets the bar for shooter engagement.

Action Target’s reach extended beyond shooting range equipment to innovative shoot houses when Action Target built and engineered the first Modular Armored Tactical Combat House (MATCH™) shoot house in 1995. This shoot house offered a ballistic live-fire space to teach and execute close-quarter skills and training scenarios. The company has continued to grow throughout the years, providing unique solutions to the commercial range owner, as well as to law enforcement and military organizations.

MATCH™ (Modular Armored Tactical Combat House) Live-fire, 360 degree ballistically safe shoot house designed for teaching and observing close-quarter combat skills.

MATCH™ (Modular Armored Tactical Combat House)

Live-fire, 360 degree ballistically safe shoot house designed for teaching and observing close-quarter combat skills. more info

Training Solutions

Today, Action Target equips the gun owner, police officer, or military personnel with training solutions:

  • Our start-to-finish approach encompasses every step of the process— from initial range design drawings, to manufacturing, to product design, and final installation
  • Action Target designs, manufactures, and installs turnkey and custom shooting ranges, tactical combat houses, and portable steel targets for versatile firearms training.
  • No substitute for passionate, knowledgeable, and skilled people—we’ve built Action Target around a team of proven executives, skilled engineers and machinists, dedicated sales representatives, and tireless customer service technicians
  • Creativity and drive to develop innovative new firearms training technology, the experience to properly apply that technology to solve today’s training problems, and the dedication to provide the best ongoing service and support in the industry.

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As shooting enthusiasts ourselves, we use the entrepreneurial spirit of our team and market leading position of our company to build the best shooting ranges possible and create the ultimate shooting experience for gun owners around the world. We invite you to learn more about us: