Arcas Series of Modular Ranges


Modular Ranges







Over the past four decades, Action Target has built thousands of ranges around the world. Our range products span across all environments and meet the needs of the most simple and the most advanced training facilities in the world. Action Target is a proven trusted partner in designing, building and supporting firearms training at every level.

CoverSix has been the go-to supplier of hardened modular structures to government and private agencies for more than 20 years. With extensive experience in modular construction and unique abilities to provide custom solutions across multiple industries, CoverSix commits its expertise to the next evolution of shooting range technology.

Together, Action Target and CoverSix introduced the ARCAS™ Modular Range; consisting of three configurations to meet the industry’s needs.

Arcas EXT EXT rapidly deploys with minimal infrastructure, providing up to three lanes and extending up to 100m in length. ARCAS ranges are constructed from ready-built modules that seamlessly combine for an unmatched finished product.

Arcas MBL is a mobile chassis-mounted module built for the road. Fully portable, this range goes where it’s needed and includes necessary options and features typical in any fixed-location range.

Arcas DLX is scalable to meet specific project requirements with up to 16 lanes and up to 100m of shooting range distance. This deluxe configuration features an open-bay concept that does not require mid-range vertical supports and can be built with fewer modules than its competitors.





Single and Extended Modular Range

Arcas EXT is designed to meet specific training needs. Single module and extended module configurations make it easy to achieve a range up to three lanes wide and 100m long. Each purpose-built module is made to order using new materials, never from re-purposed shipping containers. This ensures incomparable quality and longevity. Standard features include floor to ceiling AR500 steel for critical coverage, steel or rubber bullet traps, target systems, advanced range control, sound treatment and range lighting.


  • 7m-100m Shooting Distances
  • Rifle-Rated AR500 Interior
  • Steel or Rubber Bullet Trap
  • Multiple Target and Stall Options
  • Optional Control Room
  • Sound Treatment on Walls and Ceiling
  • 3 Year Select Product Warranty


Mobile Design for Remote Training

Arcas MBL is a self-contained firearms training range designed for a long life on the open road. At 53′ long, this module is designed for compliance with US DOT regulations while maintaining the highest ballistic and environmental standards. The on-board HEPA filtered ventilation system exceeds OSHA and NIOSH standards. Sound treatment makes the sound of training comfortable inside and out. A single Arcas MBL can accommodate up to three shooters with a 7m or 10m training distance. The dual trailer configuration provides 25m training.


  • 7m-25m Shooting Distances
  • Pistol and Rifle Rated Options
  • Integrated HEPA Ventilation
  • US DOT Compliant
  • Optional Range Master Room
  • Rubber Berm Trap
  • LED Lighting
  • 3 Year Select Product Warranty



Custom and Open for Advanced Training

Arcas DLX is an improved way of providing a modular small arms range. By turning the modules perpendicular to the direction of fire and using CoverSix’s purpose-built structures that support every component, mid-range structural supports are eliminated to provide a genuinely tactical training environment of uninterrupted space. The ARCAS DLX module design supports qualifying shooting range distances of 25 – 100 meters, up to 5 foot-wide shooting lanes, and up to a 16 lane range. This design accommodates wider lanes and higher ceilings while meeting DoD Unified Facility Criteria (UFC) 4-179-02 for indoor small arms firing ranges and ETL 11-18 small arms range design and construction compliance. This range comes equipped to deliver your specific training requirements with Action Target’s industry-leading equipment.


  • Zero SDZ Ballistic Containment
  • Meets Requirements of IBC, DoD UFC 4-179-02 and U.S. Air Force ETL 11-18
  • Open Tactical Design
  • 10 ft. – 13 ft. Inside Height
  • Up to 5 ft. Lane Widths
  • All the Amenities of Traditional Construction
  • Customizable Range Equipment Options
  • 25-Year Structure Design Life
  • Reduced On-site and Transportation Costs
  • 3 Year Select Product Warranty

Modular Benefits

Modular building does not come at the cost of features, design or quality. Weather-tight, interlocking modules create a framework designed to support all of the necessary equipment on the range, with the same expectations one would place on traditional construction methods. Arcas™ is a custom-designed structure to compliment range features and options common to brick and mortar builds including floor to ceiling AR500 steel for critical coverage, ventilation, steel or rubber bullet traps, target systems, shooting stalls, advanced range controls, sound treatment and range lighting.

As each Arcas is made-to-order, exterior colors can be chosen to complement any environment. In addition to the standard corrugated steel exterior walls, flat panel steel, brick and stucco options are also available, as well as options to match existing roofs and architecture or to create first-in-class aesthetics. Once delivered, projects can be assembled and commissioned in weeks rather than months or years.


Steel Blue – RAL 5019
Fire Red – RAL 3001
Olive Drab – RAL 6014
Granite Grey – RAL 7004
Desert Tan – RAL 1013
Custom Colors Available


Arcas is equipped with the following equipment to meet training requirements. Ballistics, ventilation, bullet traps, target systems, shooting stalls, advanced range controls, and lighting offer ways to customize the range to meet training needs.



Safety baffles ensure errant bullets can’t escape, providing ballistic protection to lights, pipes, ventilation ducts, and the building structure, while also delivering sound abatement, and a polished, professional appearance to the range. Baffles are specifically placed to provide critical coverage with ZERO surface or vertical danger zones. We use combinations of 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch AR500 steel on floors, ceilings and walls to safely contain small arms projectiles up to 7.62x51mm NATO M80 with a maximum velocity of 3,388 fps (1032 m/s) and a maximum muzzle energy of 3,600 ft/lbs. or 4880J. An array of fascia options are available for the ballistic containment surfaces.

SureStop Rubber
Concrete Filler Board

Action Target provides the industry’s best ventilation systems that exceed environmental standards. We offer a complete package of integrated controls, air filters, and maintenance to ensure that the facility and the surrounding area are protected from the health concerns associated with lead exposure and other airborne toxins found in indoor ranges. All our innovative ventilation system designs exceed NIOSH, EPA, and OSHA air quality standards and are fully customizable to each particular range installation.

Bullet Traps

Action Target bullet traps are proven to stop bullets safely, reliably, and consistently in all conditions and for all calibers appropriate to your shooting and training needs. The industry-leading steel Vortex™ Trap decelerates bullets while making collection convenient. The innovative Rubber Berm Trap is clean and cost-effective, capturing projectiles whole and intact.

Steel Vortex Trap
Rubber Berm Trap
Target Systems

The range comes equipped with your choice of Action Target’s industry-leading training systems including the Genesis™ and Pilot™ target retrievers, Fixed Lateral 360 degree turning targets, DRM Pro™ Running Man System, and reactive AutoTargets™.

Shooting Stalls

Action Target offers the most diverse shooting stalls with the highest safety ratings and most customizable options. Independent ballistic testing and advanced designs ensure that shooters stay safe and comfortable in your range. Various color options, attachable accessories, interchangeable ballistic panels, and multiple table options are available to customize your range and create the ideal shooting experience. Available options provide ballistic ratings including UL 752 Level 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and European equivalents EN1063 BR4 (S), BR5 (S).

Range Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference to the atmosphere and enjoyment of a shooting range. Action Target has worked with lighting experts, range designers, and engineers to create a perfect lighting solution that includes adjustable brightness, ideal temperature, and optimal arrangement.


SmartRange Axis™


Action Target Connected

SmartRange Axis™ provides a central control point for range equipment including Genesis and Pilot target retrievers and ventilation. Integrated features streamline training and range operation. In addition, SmartRange Axis™ may be connected to the Action Target cloud for remote updates and service.

Lane Management

SmartRange Axis™’ Lane Management is second to none, offering the ability to enter shooters’ names, assign unique permissions, and designate lane time limits.

Unique Permissions

User profiles are created by ranges and assigned to shooters at check-in. Each user profile carries unique permissions for program access and editing, lighting control, and equipment features. This allows ranges to tailor each session based on criteria such as department or authority level.

Timed Drills

Set up and execute timed drills with customized target exposure times, cycle counts, and retriever speed for training or qualification.

Lane Time

Assign a specific amount of time to a shooter. Once they are in their lane and begin their session, the lane time starts counting down. When their session ends, the carrier automati- cally returns home. Need more time? SmartRange Axis™’ Lane Management Tool allows range staff to easily add more time to a lane session.


Retriever Control

Take control of one or multiple lanes with SmartRange Axis™’ Retriever Control. This allows trainers and staff personnel to manually control or run programs and time drills in sync across multiple lanes.

Program Creation

Build dynamic programs and organize them by folder. Control exposure time, edge time, and cycle count. Or establish random parameters for a truly unpredictable and challenging training session.

Action Target ventilation systems seamlessly integrate with SmartRange Axis™.  SmartRange Axis™ provides Intuitive temperature control, real-time filter status, system warnings, alarms and more. SmartRange Axis™ simplifies range control through integrating all major range components into one system.