Protect your Shooting Range Investment with Proper Maintenance

Protect Your Warranty
A key element of keeping your equipment under warranty is performing all of the required maintenance. A regularly scheduled maintenance plan with trained Action Target technicians is the perfect way to make sure this happens.

Save Time
Many range operators simply don’t have the manpower, expertise or time to keep their equipment properly maintained. When lack of maintenance leads to equipment failure, critical operating time is lost. Whether your range is a training facility or a commercial operation, an Action Target maintenance plan will help you focus your time on the important business of running your range.

Protect Your Staff
Incorporate modern firearms training standards and techniques into your program, even on the most undeveloped ranges.

Ongoing Training
With every visit, your Action Target certified technician will conduct operational training on all your systems. We can train new personnel who are unfamiliar with the range and we can conduct more advanced training for those who already know the basics.

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Maintenance Services:


  • Test all valves and pistons. Adjust target speed. Replace valves and pistons as needed.
  • Grease all actuator bushings. Replace as needed.
  • Inspect and secure terminal screws and other electrical connections.
  • Inspect and secure air connections. Replace as needed.
  • Inspect and test functionality of indoor range target retrievers including keypads and computer.
  • Verify all cable tensions and adjust as necessary.
  • Cycle and adjust tension on running targets.
  • Provide general inspection of all targets to diagnose any potential problems.

Compressor and air lines

  • Check oil level and air filter. Replace as needed.
  • Drain water condensation buildup.
  • Check air dryer system functionality.
  • Test entire system for leaks. Repair as needed.
  • Verify correct pressure settings and adjust as necessary.

Electrical Systems

  • Test voltage levels at the power supply and target locations.
  • Test functionality of each interface component.
  • Clean and secure all enclosures.

Tower/Control Room

  • Test computer, monitor, and printer.
  • Update all software to the latest versions.
  • Run all standard software programs and scenarios to certify completeness.

Bullet Trap

  • Empty all lead collection canisters. Additional lead removal and disposal service is available.
  • Mine lead from granule rubber trap. Additional lead removal and disposal service is available.
  • Inspect all plates, joint strips, deflectors, and deceleration chambers. Replace as needed.
  • Tighten or replace all loose joints and unions.
  • NOTE – Replacement of bullet trap components may require additional work days billed above and beyond the pre-scheduled maintenance plan labor.

Dust Collection Unit

  • Check general functionality of the Dust Collection Unit.
  • Check and service DCU air compressor.
  • Check Photohelic set points and adjust static pressure controls as necessary.
  • Verify and test purge cycle functionality.
  • Check Dust Collection Unit filters. Replace as needed.
  • Drain condensation from manifold if required.

Screw Conveyor System

  • Check general functionality of the Screw Conveyor System.
  • Check hanger bearings for wear and damage. Replace as needed.
  • Check discharge system and collection barrel.
  • Check circuit breakers, thermal overloads, and verify start up procedures.
  • Check gear boxes and hanger bearings for lubrication.

MATCH Shoothouse

  • Check plywood walls for hot spots and repair/replace as necessary.
  • Where applicable, check crushed rock levels in the walls and replenish as necessary.
  • Repair/patch/empty portable bullet traps as necessary.
  • Check targetry systems. (if applicable)
  • Check the electrical wiring, lights, and ventilation systems. (if applicable)

AAR Camera and Recording System

  • Optimize and defragment the AAR computer.
  • Check for hardware issues in the AAR computer.
  • Check all DVR devices and camera playback for functionality.
  • Check wiring of video, audio, target control, and electrical systems in the AAR facility.
  • Check functionality of media recording for “take-home” review.

Range Cleaning Services:


  • HEPA vacuum ventilation vents.
  • HEPA vacuum shooting range floor and walls.
  • HEPA vacuum ceiling and wall baffles.
  • HEPA vacuum target retriever tracks.
  • HEPA vacuum shooting stall soft surfaces.
  • Maintain and clean your HEPA vacuum including filter changes as needed.
  • Wet wipe shooting stall hard surfaces.
  • Clean shooting stall glass.
  • Remove, replace, and properly dispose of air filters.

Steel Bullet Traps

  • Gather and dispose of bullet fragments, bullet jacket fragments, and other debris.
  • HEPA vacuum exposed surfaces.
  • HEPA vacuum the area behind the trap.
  • Remove lead ingots and other accumulation. (May require additional days)

Rubber Bullet Traps

  • Remove rubber from the trap.
  • Separate and dispose of lead and bullet jackets.
  • Place rubber back on the trap.
  • Apply fire retardant.

OSHA/EPA Services:

Development of Procedures, best practices, and
Documentation for your range

  • Safe lead handling and hygiene.
  • OSHA / EPA rules and regulations.
  • Decontamination and clean-up.
  • Proper disposal of lead and lead contaminated materials.
  • Required equipment, materials, and supplies.
  • Employee blood lead level testing and monitoring.

Employee Training

  • Safe lead handling.
  • OSHA / EPA rules and regulations.
  • Respirator fit testing and use.
  • Personal protective equipment. (PPE)

Testing and Monitoring

  • Airborne lead levels.
  • Surface lead levels.
  • Lead migration and impact patterns.

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