Action Target Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Safety Training Solutions headquartered in Provo, Utah and is a business that has transformed the concept of shooting range installations. Founded in 1986, the company started by creating a pneumatic turning target system for the Provo Police Department training curriculum. From there, Action Target began working with armor steel and creating innovative designs resulting in unique, patented technology.

Action Target created their initial product line for law enforcement, but the innovative technology eventually spread to the commercial and military markets.

Action Target has the creativity and drive to develop innovative new firearms training technology, the experience to properly apply that technology to solve today’s training problems, and the dedication to provide the best ongoing service and support in the industry.

Today, Action Target equips the gun owner, police officer, or military personnel with training solutions:

  • Our start-to-finish approach encompasses every step—from initial range design drawings, to manufacturing, to product design, and final installation
  • Action Target designs, manufactures, and installs turnkey and custom shooting ranges, tactical combat houses, and portable steel targets for versatile firearms training.
  • We’ve built Action Target around a team of proven executives, skilled engineers and machinists, dedicated sales representatives, and tireless customer service technicians.