Shooting on steel targets is one of the most exciting things you can do on a range! The satisfaction of hearing that “clang” or seeing that target bounce or fall is not only fun, but it helps create muscle memory to make you a better shooter at the same time.

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Take your training to a new level

Action Target offers a full line of steel shooting targets to enhance your new or existing range installation. Whether you’re operating an outdoor training facility for your law enforcement agency, or adding steel shooting targets to your land in the mountains, our targets offer the best combination of portability, durability, and quality.

With a variety of styles available, you’re sure to find something to fit your space, budget, and training needs.

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The Action Target Difference



Built with the best materials in the industry and produced to the highest standards of quality and manufacturing excellence. Enjoy shooting these steel targets for years to come knowing they’ll withstand virtually anything you throw at them.


Reactive steel and portability provide seemingly endless ways to train. Experience the freedom to configure your range and training to multiple scenarios on-the-fly.

Set up, shoot, move, repeat.


Action Target Steel Shooting Targets are engineered with safety as the top priority. Each target we make goes through a rigorous design process which takes into consideration every aspect of shooting with the goal of reducing ricochet and splash back.

PT Steel Targets

Action Target PT Steel Targets are a portable steel target solution for gun ranges of any size. They’re quick to set up and take down, and feature all the best features of Action Target steel targets you’ve come to know and love.


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Setting up and taking down Action Target Steel Targets is a breeze. Our steel shooting targets and target stands are designed with portability in mind, and offer shooters the ability to spend more time training and less time fussing with their range setup.


Action Target Steel Shooting Targets are made to be used with a wide range of calibers and ammo types (some exceptions apply). Whether you’re shooting a .22lr with your scout group, or practicing for next weekend’s three-gun tournament, our portable steel targets are made to give shooters the flexibility they need to have a great time at the range.


Part of the reason many people love shooting on steel targets is the audio feedback one gets when they land a clean hit. Our steel shooting targets are engineered to provide shooters with clear indication of each hit they successfully make. You’ll love hearing our steel “RING” with every shot.