Filter Disposal

Action Target makes it easy to dispose of your contaminated filters and PPE. One of the challenges that shooting ranges face is how to take care of contaminated filters. Shooting ranges are responsible for all the waste it generates including verifying that it is properly disposed of or recycled. Hazardous waste collection and disposal are strictly governed through EPA and DOT regulations and Noncompliance could result in significant penalties, potentially even criminal. A waste generator’s liability never goes away. Action Target will pick up and properly dispose of HVAC and DCU filters for members of the Metals & Range Supplies Program. Contact us at 801.876.2442 to get a quote.

Key Facts About Filters

Many shooting ranges improperly dispose of their used HVAC and dust collection unit filters. Before disposing your filters, keep these facts in mind.

  • Every range is responsible for determining that their waste is hazardous. The industry has found that used filters are contaminated with lead and are considered hazardous.
  • Knowing their waste is hazardous, they are considered a hazardous waste generator. They must, by EPA (state and federal) law, manifest the waste, and are directly responsible for the appropriate handling, transportation and disposal of waste at a RCRA approved site. There are additional compliance requirements based on how much waste a site generates on a monthly basis.
  • A typical range generates approximately 20-40 cubic yards of hazardous waste a year.
  • Most range operators think they are disposing of waste properly, but if the hazardous waste disposal company is incorrectly disposing of the waste the responsibility falls on the range.
  • According to a NSSF compliance officer, ranges spend $20-30K/year for disposal if they are handling their waste legally.

Approved, Reliable Disposal

Action Target uses approved disposal procedures to help ranges avoid fines from government agencies and have confidence that their filters are being handled appropriately.

  • RCRA (Resource Conservation and Conservation Act) approved
  • OSHA and EPA compliant
  • We will pick up the filters from your range within two weeks of the pickup request.
  • We provide documentation that the filters will be properly disposed, protecting you from potential fines.

Quality Replacement Filters

We stock a variety of quality HVAC filters at

  • All our filters have been carefully selected to fit the unique needs of shooting ranges.
  • We offer various filter options for small or large HVAC systems.

    See them here >

Low Cost Disposal

Disposal of contaminated filters can be very expensive. Action Target's method keeps the cost of disposal lower and passes the savings on to you.

  • We've negotiated rates to keep the cost of filter disposal lower than doing it yourself.
  • You can use your metals credits to cover the cost of filter disposal.
  • Save more by having us pick up at least 6 cubic yards of material.