AutoTargets is an intelligently connected target system that lets shooters interact with their targets in a way never possible before. With its powerful hit sensing technology, advanced app, portable wireless activation, and revolutionary programmability, AutoTargets is truly changing the way you shoot.

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Built in WiFi creates a wireless network of targets in any configuration and at any distance.


Powerful app allows for complete control of targets and easy creation of custom courses of fire.


Reactive target system without
danger of splatter or ricochet.


Set up numerous targets at any time, in nearly any configuration and in any environment.


Targets lift, fall, swing up, and swing down, keeping shooters on their toes.


What makes AutoTargets so revolutionary is its advanced hit detection technology. This provides immediate feedback of shot accuracy at any distance in up to four scoring zones. The available silhouette and hostage targets detect shots from metallic ammunition. The target sends a digital signal back to the app that tracks draw speed, split times, hit location, and causes the target to react.

Hit Sensing

Mobile App


The AutoTargets app is compatible with Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire and provides complete control of target systems within a field of engagement. Users can easily determine target presentation and reaction criteria based on time delays, time limits, shot placement, and hit count. The app scores your performance based on time and/or total shots accrued. It also provides both visual and auditory hit indicators to improve your speed and accuracy.




Other hit sensing target systems exist, but none of them have the flexibility, portability, and ease of use of AutoTargets. AutoTargets weighs only 15 pounds and functions with just a battery and CO2 tank, making it easy to set up even in the most remote locations. Targets lift and fall in less than 0.50 seconds and can be actuated 1000 times with one 20 oz CO2 tank. A swing-up version is available which makes targets swing in and out of view.

AutoTargets Setup


AutoTargets can be configured in a number of different ways, providing the flexibility you need. AutoTargets utilizes a 3-cell LiPo Battery that provides 8000 lifts or up to 20 hours of idle time. A single 20 oz CO2 tank actuates a target up to 1000 times and can be attached to a ballistic shield or up to 500 feet away from the lift unit. One 20 oz CO2 tank can supply up to 10 total lifters* with a maximum total hose length of 500 feet. AutoTargets uses a mesh network that automatically connects units to each other when they are powered on. Units can be controlled up to 50 yards from the control system and 250 yards from unit to unit. Adding range extenders can expand this distance up to 600 or even 1200 yards.
* Freezing temperatures may reduce the ability to daisy-chain lift units.
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AutoTargets is available with a number of accessories that enhance system performance. From ballistic protection to long distance WiFi antennas, AutoTargets has the options you need.
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Ballistic Sheild