Sound Abatement

Action Target has managed to reduce reverberation noise by 98% by installing the highest acoustically rated wall systems in the world – Troy Sound Wall Systems.

Engineered to the exact requirement and specification of your range, all our work is guaranteed to meet all OSHA, government, military, and civilian noise standards, regulations, and ordinances.
The sound wall system:

  • meets OSHA guidelines for noise exposure limits under CFR Section 29 and the Air Force ETL
  • guarantees a 1.25 reverberation time (RT60)
  • is certified by the United States Air Force for anti-ricochet properties
  • has the highest NRC and STC ratings in the industry
  • absorbs 95% of all muzzle blast energy, at all frequencies
  • Troy Soundboard™ has a minimum density of not less than 2-pounds per square-foot per 1-inch
  • Troy Wool™ has a nominal density of no less than 2.5 pcf
  • acoustic properties are guaranteed for the life of the range