Month: November 2016

A Veteran’s Perspective


Veteran’s Day is a time for Americans to remember and honor those that have fought as well as thank those that currently fight for our freedom. Undoubtedly Veterans Day is a different experience if you are a Veteran. We decided to ask Steve Owens here at Action Target what Veterans Day means to him.

Steve Owens, United States Air Force (28 years)

“To be perfectly honest, for me Veterans Day has mostly been just another day. I usually try to get through it unnoticed. I still become uncomfortable when someone thanks me for my service after noticing my retired ID card. It is not that I am not proud that I served, I guess I just remember too well the Vietnam days and how badly Vets were treated at that time. Despite having served in the Air Force for 28 years myself, when I think of “Veterans” I still picture people like my Father, Grandfather and a handful of uncles that served during WWII and a great uncle that survived the trench warfare in Europe while serving during WWI. Time and opinion being what they are, wars and warriors go in and out of fashion driven by the prevailing views of society at that moment. These opinions are but fashions, rolling as waves upon the seas forged by the tidal forces of public opinion. Sometimes we surf upon the crests, other times we drown in the depths of their troughs. At times the hero, other times the goat. That is often the lot of the veteran and so often one never knows which appellation to expect… except perhaps on November 11th.”

Join us in saying thank you to all of the men and women who fight to protect our freedoms!