Customer Testimonials

See what clients have to say about Action Target’s innovative range installations and training solutions.


Commercial Range Products

“Our customers are blown away by the quality of our Action Target shooting ranges.”

Randy Potter
GAT Guns General Manager

“I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your Company’s performance on this project. You are the only specialty vendor that has performed on schedule and met your commitments. From Project Management, Accounting, and all the way down to the Field Crews they have all performed professionally and promptly. It has been a breath of fresh air to deal with Action Target on such a complicated project, especially with all of the problems I have had with ALL of the other specialty vendors with the exception of High Temperature Linings. You two have set the mark. Please express to all of your staff involved my appreciation for a Job Well Done!”

Rick, Saliba Construction
Dothan Regional Training Center

“Throughout the course of our research, it was clear that there really isn’t anyone else besides Action Target that’s worth using.”

Denny Wanlass
Red Dot Firearms Owner

“Because of Action Target’s commitment to excellence, integrity, and honesty, Sharpshooter’s has a world class shooting range.”

Tom Deets
SharpShooters USA Owner

“Action Target has been unbelievable to work with. What a great staff and great group of people.”

Robbie Abell
Lotus Gun Works Co-Owner

“My name is Don Burke, and we have two of your fine turning target systems here. Over the years, both have seen some hard use and were in need of major maintenance. They (the maintenance crew) really did a first-class job. I want to commend these guys for going above and beyond in taking care of our systems. I can’t say enough good things about George. He made sure that the installation was correct and would last a long time. He also made some small changes so the maintenance issues in the future could be taken care of more easily. He and his crew did a fine job!”

Don Burke
commercial range manager

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Range Products

“Your combination of excellent products, great training and a first-rate staff makes it easy to recommend Action Target as a one-stop source for range program help. Thanks very, very much.”

Captain Michael Boyd
Prineville Police Department

“I must admit that until the other day I did not know who Action Target was. At the seminar I was totally amazed at all the low-cost target systems that Action Target made. I was equally amazed at all the great things you could do with them. I would highly recommend Action Target to any one that was looking for a great product for a great price. Thank you and all the good people at Action Target for such a great seminar.”

Christopher P. Waites
Middlesex Sheriff’s Office, MLEFIAA

“Action Target exceeded our expectations. We’re committed to using them for our future firearms training facilities.”

K.A. Munden
Houston PD Assistant Chief of Special Investigations, Houston Police Department

“Action Target’s portable “Runner” has allowed me and my brother instructors to effectively and efficiently correct this training deficiency. From basic moving threat engagement techniques to advanced scenario-based training, the Action Target Runner lets us provide officers with more of the skills they need to survive. Setup and take-down is comparatively easy so more time is spent training, and we can quickly reconfigure the unit to maximize our training flexibility. Lateral and oblique movement, advancing and retreating threats, decision making and reactive targets – with the portable Action Target Runner we can accomplish it all.”

David Kraske
Firearms Instructor, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office

“We have had an excellent relationship with the Action Target personnel through the years. The system works well and is easy to maintain. Action Target is very customer service oriented and is excellent to work with.”

Claron Brenchley
UHP POST Facility Coordinator

“The computer-controlled Line Of Fire system provides us with training options that other systems cannot come close to matching. While you may have competitors, you really don’t have any competition. I also wanted to convey my appreciation to your company for the excellent Range Master course. I have attended firearms instructor courses put on by NRA, FBI, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and others. Without reservation your Range Master course is the best firearms instructor training I have ever received. I know of no higher compliment to pay a trainer than this; my officers will be better prepared because of the skills and knowledge I acquired in the course which I can now pass on to them.”

Sergeant M. L. Glass
Mountain Brook Alabama Police Department

“I just wanted to let you know that Cameron Murphy and I had an awesome time at LETC 2011. We both thought it was valuable, high quality, and cost effective training. Thank you for your company’s support in keeping our nation’s law enforcement officers prepared and safe. See you next year.”

Detective Brian Canaday
Salinas Police Department, Salinas, CA

“I want to personally thank you for your patience and professionalism during the two year process of getting a shoothouse in Nacogdoches. You were always prompt with answers and helpful advice while I was trying to put this project together. Chad and his install crew were great to work with and seemed to adjust to the Texas heat better than most visitors. Everyone that has visited the house has been impressed. We look forward to many years of use from our MATCH shoothouse. Feel free to pass on my contact information to anyone considering a shoot house purchase, I would be glad to answer questions or have them visit our house. I look forward to doing business with you and Action Target in the future.”

Mike Kelly
Assistant Chief of Police, Nacogdoches Police Department


Military Range Products

“Yesterday I visited the Range and talked with Sgt. Paternoster… He had nothing but good things to say about you and the way the range is operating.From the maintenance side of the house, I want to thank you for the training you provided to our team here. I also would like to thank you for the “Open” door to contact you in case we ever have a problem that we can’t resolve.”

Clarence (Butch) Alston
SAIC Field Service Technician, 35th Security Forces Squadron


Portable Targets

“Your products stand for themselves—everyone in the family was pleased with the quality and durability of both of the dueling trees I have from Action Target and it felt really good to hear all the compliments… I will not hesitated to order another of your fine products in the future and will let everyone I know that Action Target is a stand-up company.”

Jesse Earl
FCI 2 Electrician

“Just a short note to let you know how pleased the entire training staff at Three Mile Island Security is with the PT Runner-120. Being able to add the realism of moving targets to our range has rewarded all our officers with valuable and life like training that would otherwise be unattainable. We will highly recommend that any department that wishes to add dimension to their course of fire utilize the PT Runner-120, as the benefits are well worth it.”

James Bernholz (Bernie)
Security Training Instructor (W.N.S. T.M.I.)

“I purchased a PT Runner-120 portable moving target from your firm in January for personal use as part of my practice for the Bianchi Cup. It was my understanding when I purchased the equipment that I could operate the mover and shoot at the same time. I quickly found out that was not the case and contacted your sales office. With this being a vital part of my practice, I couldn’t afford to send it back this close to the Bianchi Cup competition. I elected to keep the machine and have someone help me run it. What a smart decision that was. I would like to applaud your firm’s commitment to customer service. I will certainly be purchasing products from you in the near future and will tell everyone I meet to look you up for their equipment requirements.”

Jason Koon

“I won one of your dueling trees at the International Revolver Championship this year. I have been shooting competitively for decades and was a lead firearms instructor for 18 of those years for a 400 officer sheriff’s office and have shot on all kinds of steel targets. All I can say is, wow! What quality and simplicity and what a fabulous prize.”

John Maxwell

“Just want to say thank you for getting this quote to me in such a short time frame. I can’t say enough about your product, company, and professionalism. I guarantee you have a customer for life and a whole lot of free advertising.”

Patrick Holsted
Vice President, Benton Gun Club