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Total Containment Trap™

The Total Containment Trap™ (TCT) is the safest, strongest, and most eco-friendly bullet trap in the world. It provides complete ballistic coverage making it ideal for fixed firing line and tactical training ranges. The TCT requires minimal maintenance and is equipped with the most efficient lead collection system available, keeping shooters, employees, and the environment safe. 

Knee Wall

The Action Target Knee Wall provides a simple yet effective solution for protecting your target systems using AR500 armor steel with a wood or rubber façade. Target systems that are ground mounted in front of bullets traps require protection capable of stopping every type of ammunition you plan on using in your range.

Rubber Berm Trap™

The hassle-free design of Action Target’s Rubber Berm Trap™ (RBT) takes advantage of the practical and beneficial properties of rubber, while eliminating the weaknesses and unnecessary elements of other designs. The performance of the RBT can be impressive under certain shooting situations, but perhaps the greatest feature is its price. Because value and customer satisfaction are the sources of Action Target’s strength, we ensure that our high quality rubber berm trap functions as well as any other design out there and that it is offered at a reasonable price.