Rubber Berm Trap™

The hassle-free design of Action Target’s Rubber Berm Trap™ (RBT) takes advantage of the practical and beneficial properties of rubber, while eliminating the weaknesses and unnecessary elements of other designs. The performance of the RBT can be impressive under certain shooting situations, but perhaps the greatest feature is its price. Because value and customer satisfaction are the sources of Action Target’s strength, we ensure that our high quality rubber berm trap functions as well as any other design out there and that it is offered at a reasonable price.

Ballistic Performance

Innovative Design

Industry Best Fire Protection

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Class A ASTM E108-11 compliant treatment is the best fire resistant rating on the market.


Design of trap allows for close-range and cross-lane tactical training.


Trap is installed in sections and easily retrofits sand and dirt berms.

When you shoot into a dirt berm, the friction of passing through the dirt is what ultimately stops the bullet. A Rubber Berm Trap works exactly the same way, with the obvious difference being the use of chopped rubber instead of dirt or sand. Because the rubber is a softer collection medium, ricochet and lead dust can be significantly reduced in some applications. Cross-range firing is safer as is firing at extremely close distances. Such benefits make this trap an excellent choice for certain indoor ranges and other low-volume ranges where lead dust is of paramount concern.

RBT Fin Retainers 01If left unchecked, the rubber has a tendency to “flow” toward the bottom of the trap. This can cause areas of hazardous decreased density near the top which may allow rounds to escape. To decrease these problems, our support structure is mounted with special fins that run horizontally along the trap.

Our steel support structure is modular so we can build a trap to fit any size range. Because all the components can easily fit through a normal sized door, installation is simple and efficient—even on older existing facilities. If one of the components is damaged, it can be easily removed and repaired without disassembling the entire trap. Because no hoppers, doors, or access panels are required on the top or the back of the trap, we can build it flush against the walls to save you as much precious range space as possible.

RBT Fire Treat Detail 01Fire is always a concern with any rubber trap, so we treat our rubber with an industry leading non-flammable adhesive to further stabilize the berm. This patented process of a fire retardant adhesive helps it stick to the rubber so it can actually serve its purpose.

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