Total Containment Trap™

The Total Containment Trap™ (TCT) is the safest, strongest, and most eco-friendly bullet trap in the world. It provides complete ballistic coverage making it ideal for fixed firing line and tactical training ranges. The TCT requires minimal maintenance and is equipped with the most efficient lead collection system available, keeping shooters, employees, and the environment safe. 


Collects lead fragments and dust for recycling, keeping them from impacting surrounding ground, waterways, and air.


Modular system is designed to collect lead with no down time. Does not require the use of water or rubber.


Patented ballistic design ensures that the trap is able to handle millions of handgun, shotgun, and rifle rounds.


Trap can be utilized in cross-lane and tactical shooting scenarios.

How the Total Containment Trap Works

Total Containment Trap Components

1. Deflection Plates

2. Deceleration Chamber

3. Bullet Collection System

4. Dust Collection Unit

Deflection Plates

Precisely engineered armor steel funnel plates direct fired rounds into the mouth of the trap.

Containment: The height of the trap along with its complete wall to wall design ensures that every round fired downrange is contained.

Solid Construction: From 1/4 to 1-inch thick AR500 or AR550, the right steel options are available to handle everything from small to large calibers.

Tactical: The carefully calculated angles of the plates are ideal for tactical and cross-lane shooting.


Deceleration Chamber

Rounds pass through the open mouth and into the sealed Vortex™ chamber where they spin along the wall of the chamber and decelerate. They are deposited into individual containers or a screw conveyor system.

Safe: Patented open mouth chamber design allows for safe cross-lane and tactical shooting.

Sealed: The chamber uses a patented design to ensure it remains sealed even when affected by the force of bullets.

Durable: The shape and quality of ballistic steel are precisely engineered to capture millions of rounds without damage.

Bullet Collection Systems

Once decelerated, rounds fall into a Bullet Collection System located below the Vortex deceleration chamber. Action Target offers three different options to fit any range or budget.

Auto 55: The most advanced collection system that uses a screw conveyor to automatically move bullets from the deceleration chamber into a 55-gallon drum. Fill levels are monitored using a control panel and a computer user interface.

Deluxe 20: The latest offering from Action Target uses a 20-gallon drum that can be rolled out of place when full. Fill levels are monitored through a built-in sight window. The Deluxe 20 requires less frequent replacement that any collection system on the market. LEARN MORE>

Basic 03: The most basic collection method utilizes 3.5-gallon canisters that attach directly to the deceleration chamber. This system requires the most frequent replacement, but offers the lowest entry price point.


Dust Collection Unit (DCU)

Using negative pressure, the dust collection system draws lead dust from the trap and deposits it into a containment system.

Clean: Hazardous lead dust is drawn into sealed and easy to transport containers.

Superior Filtration: Advanced technology achieves higher efficiency, cleaner air, lower pressure drop, and longer filter life than any other standard cartridge filter.

Patented Uptake Manifold: A newly designed manifold prevents large materials from clogging the system.


The Total Containment Trap is the most durable steel trap available on the market and is available in both ATI Class 1 (Pistol) and ATI Class 2 (Rifle) rated options.

Ballistic Rating Caliber Rating Maximum Velocity Maximum Energy
ATI Class 1 Pistol 1,485 fps 1,175 ft/lbs
ATI Class 2 Rifle 3,388 fps 3,600 ft/lbs
Typical Pistol Ammunition Maximum Velocity Maximum Energy
.22LR 40gr HP 1,060 fps 100 ft/lbs
9mm Luger 124gr FMJ 1,293 fps 460 ft/lbs
.357 Mag 158gr JSP 1,375 fps 663 ft/lbs
.40 S&W 180gr TMJ 1,000 fps 400 ft/lbs
.45 ACP 230gr TMJ 845 fps 365 ft/lbs
.44 Mag 240gr SWC 1,485 fps 1,175 ft/lbs
Typical Rifle Ammunition Maximum Velocity Maximum Energy
.22LR 40gr HP 1,260 fps 141 ft/lbs
5.56x45mm NATO 55gr FMJ 3,388 fps 1,402 ft/lbs
7.62x51mm NATO 150gr FMJ 3,025 fps 3,048 ft/lbs
.308 Win 150gr SPTZ 2,900 fps 2,800 ft/lbs
30-06 180gr SPTZ 2,900 fps 3,360 ft/lbs
300 Win Mag 190gr BTHP 2,900 fps 3,548 ft/lbs

The maximum velocity and maximum energy values for the above pistol and rifle ammunition are provided for example purposes only and are not all inclusive.

.50 BMG Considerations
The ATI Class 2 (Rifle) rated version can handle .50 BMG rounds; however, due to the powerful nature of this round certain factors need to be considered related to the life expectancy and maintenance of the Total Containment Trap. To learn more, follow this link: Learn More>

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