PROVO, Utah  January 14, 2019  Action Target Inc., the leading manufacturer of modern shooting ranges, steel targets and shooting supplies, is excited to announce the launch of Genesis™, the most advanced target retriever for indoor gun ranges.

Developed by Action Target to reduce range maintenance, streamline system control and revolutionize the shooter’s experience, Genesis’s leading-edge technology has placed the new target retriever system in a league of its own.

Among the technological highlights of Genesis is its integration with Action Target’s Strike Watch™. The patent-pending software actively monitors the target retriever and detects bullet strikes to the target carrier. In the event the carrier is struck, Strike Watch™ provides warnings and ultimately revokes usage, thereby protecting the range owner’s investment.

Genesis also integrates with Action Target’s new range control system SmartRange Axis™. This allows ranges to apply unique shooting program and equipment permissions to each lane, create and store shooting programs, manage lane rental time and run synchronized trainings across multiple lanes. SmartRange Axis connects directly with the Action Target cloud network, which enhances business operations by allowing for remote system updates, troubleshooting diagnostics and real-time data.
The design of the Genesis target carrier, which is both wireless and encased in heavy-duty armor, also ensures improved performance and reduced maintenance. In addition, the target clamp is recessed into the body of the carrier to avoid damage from bullet strikes and consequent costly repairs.
Action Target placed significant emphasis on enhancing the shooter’s experience when designing Genesis. For example, an integrated camera displays the down range target on the shooter’s control screen, eliminating the need to bring the target up range to assess bullet hit locations. To assist with the development of the shooter’s proficiencies, the target has a 360-degree turning ability that allows for dynamic target presentations, including teasing, spinning and timed exposures. Furthermore, multiple lighting options and variable target carrier speeds (up to 15 feet per second) allow for a highly customizable training environment.

Genesis is also pre-loaded with a large selection of challenging programs for basic, intermediate, advanced and professional shooters. When developing these programs and the user interface, Action Target incorporated extensive feedback from shooters of all skill levels to guarantee optimal satisfaction and ease-of-use.

“The launch of Genesis is a monumental step forward in revolutionizing the shooter’s experience. From beginners to experienced law enforcement personnel, Genesis engages, challenges and thrills users of all levels. Our state-of-the-art technology also provides range owners with data that allows them to optimize range operations and strengthen customer interaction,” said Kevin Tomaszewski, VP of Marketing and Engineering at Action Target.

“Genesis is the culmination of years of customer input and market research and we are proud to provide the most innovative and dynamic target retriever system on the market. We look forward to sharing future innovations that will continue to delight shooters and bolster the success of our customers,” said Jesse Nelson, Product Marketing Manager at Action Target.

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