PROVO, UTAH – January 17, 2019 – Action Target Inc., the leading manufacturer of modern shooting ranges, has announced innovative shooting range technology to be displayed at SHOT Show 2019. Visit the Action Target booth #14568 at SHOT Show 2019 for live, hands-on demonstrations.

“At Action Target, we are unrelenting in our drive to challenge the status quo and redefine the shooting range industry through continued innovation and foresight. We are excited to display a strategic expansion of Action Target’s product line at SHOT Show this year. New products include the most sophisticated retriever on the market, an advanced rubber berm trap, tablet-controlled targets, and a new lead containment system. Security systems, a metals recycling program and other aftermarket services have also been implemented recently, reinforcing Action Target’s position as the only true turnkey solution provider in the industry,” said Michael Birch, CEO at Action Target.


Action Target’s Genesis is the most advanced target retriever available. It was developed to streamline system control, revolutionize the shooter’s experience, and reduce maintenance. Genesis utilizes Action Target’s Strike Watch™, a patent-pending software that detects bullet strikes to the target carrier. Genesis also integrates with SmartRange Axis™, Action Target’s new range control system. This allows ranges to apply unique permissions to each lane, create and store shooting programs, manage lane time, and run synchronized trainings across multiple lanes. To enhance the shooter’s experience, Genesis offers a large selection of challenging programs for basic, intermediate, advanced and professional shooters. When developing these programs and the user interface, Action Target incorporated extensive feedback from shooters of all skill levels to guarantee optimal satisfaction and ease-of-use.

Other features include the ability to turn targets 360 degrees, which allows for dynamic target presentations, including teasing, spinning and timed exposures. An integrated camera displays the target on the control screen, eliminating the need to bring the target up range for assessment. Furthermore, multiple lighting options and variable target carrier speeds (up to 15 feet per second) provide a highly customizable training environment. For improved performance and reduced maintenance, the Genesis target carrier is both wireless and encased in heavy-duty armor. In addition, the recessed target clamp avoids damage from bullet strikes. “The launch of Genesis is a monumental step forward in revolutionizing the shooter’s experience. From beginners to experienced law enforcement personnel, Genesis engages, challenges and thrills users of all levels. Our state-of-the-art technology also provides range owners with data that allows them to optimize range operations and strengthen customer interaction,” said Kevin Tomaszewski, VP of Marketing and Engineering at Action Target.

“Genesis is the culmination of years of customer input and market research and we are proud to provide the most innovative and dynamic target retriever system on the market. We look forward to sharing future innovations that will continue to delight shooters and bolster the success of our customers,” said Jesse Nelson, Product Marketing Manager at Action Target.

Structural Rubber Berm Trap

Action Target will display a new design of the Rubber Berm Trap. This advanced modular trap adheres to the strictest building codes and may be free-standing or wall-mounted. Its patented features allow for simple maintenance and servicing. The rubber can also be treated with a Class A fire retardant that is free of harsh chemicals, curing agents and pungent odors. This fast-drying fire retardant may be easily applied with a standard paint sprayer.

Rubber Berm Metals Recycling Program

The Rubber Berm Metals Recycling Program is the simplest and most beneficial method for recycling spent metals from rubber berm traps. Members of this program may opt to earn a check for 100% of the value of the recycled metals or Action Target STORE credit (with an additional 10% bonus) to purchase range supplies, targets and ammunition. This credit may also be applied toward Action Target range maintenance services. Action Target provides program members with documentation to verify compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations.

 Range Security

Action Target combines all security solutions into one easy-to-use system. Video confirmation and two-way audio prevent incidents and reduce false alarms to less than 1%. This significantly contrasts the industry-average false alarm rate of 90%. Trained security professionals review alerts 24/7 and the system’s advanced video analytics feature an algorithm that is unmatched in the industry to provide accurate threat assessment. Furthermore, range owners may access the system, view live video and arm/disarm the system from anywhere via mobile device.

“Our security solutions provide ranges the with the highest level of confidence. By integrating cutting-edge technology and industry-leading hardware we are able to provide a tailored solution that is unmatched in the industry,” said Jesse Nelson, Product Marketing Manager at Action Target.

Lighted Fixed Turner

The Fixed Turning Target Stand (FTTS) is an ideal system for tactical training and shoot/no shoot scenarios. The electric version of the FTTS features full 360-degree target rotation as well as quiet functionality, making it difficult for shooters to anticipate when the target will turn.

This year, the ground-mounted electric version of the FTTS includes optional on-board LED lighting. Red, white and blue strobes illuminate the target to enhance the authenticity of law enforcement training scenarios. Furthermore, the turner has an all-weather design, making it possible to train in all climates.

Tablet-Controlled Targets

The features and functionality of Action Target’s Smart Range™ and Master Control™ may now be accessed via mobile device. This allows instructors to join shooters on the firing line during training while controlling target behavior. Additionally, Action Target’s wireless network system is designed specifically for each range and is completely independent of other on-site networks.

AutoTargets Enhanced

In 2017, Action Target launched AutoTargets™, the revolutionary and highly portable reactive target system. Recently, two new AutoTargets enhancements have been developed to enhance law enforcement and military training.

The first is a new adapter kit that allows single-zone hit sensing on plastic E and F-type military silhouettes available from the Action Target STORE. These reactive targets will present and fall in less than one second and can record consecutive hits at up to 900 shots per minute. Approved ammunition includes calibers from .22LR to NATO cartridge sizes. Each target can be independently programmed to fall after a programmed time limit or a predetermined number of bullet strikes. AutoTargets is rated for any temperature between 0°F and 120°F and may withstand winds up to 25 mph.

The second is a revolutionary software for building advanced courses of fire. Originally designed for shoot house applications, this software has been expanded and enables instructors to program target presentation sequences and target knock-down requirements. It also allows users to generate valuable after-action summaries to improve training at the range. Furthermore, unique floor plans, images and maps can be uploaded to help instructors visualize target placement on the control screen.

 Live Fire Virtual

Action Target’s Live Fire Virtual allows shooters to fire at projected virtual targets with live ammunition. At SHOT Show, Action target will provide booth visitors with laser guns to experience this advanced indoor range technology first-hand. Shooting games such as “Ocean Battle” will also be included so that visitors may enjoy some friendly competition with other shooters.


The BCS Deluxe 20 is a bullet collection system that integrates with the deceleration chambers of Action Target’s Total Containment Trap™. The system utilizes a discharge hopper that funnels bullet fragments from the deceleration chamber into 20-gallon drums. The drums, are situated on heavy-duty dollies for easy replacement, connect to the discharge hopper by means of quick-disconnect lid clamps. Additionally, a sight window incorporated in the drum lid allows range personnel to monitor the lead fill level inside the drum.

Previously, ranges employing the Total Containment Trap™ system utilized either the BCS Basic 3, which collects lead in 3.5-gallon containers or the BCS Auto 55, which is comprised of a screw conveyor that transports lead to a 55-gallon container. The new BCS Deluxe 20 provides ranges with an additional option that significantly decreases the frequency by which bullet collection containers are replaced.

“Action Target continuously examines options for improving bullet collection and lead management. The BCS Deluxe 20 has been engineered to provide a simple and economical solution that makes it easier for range owners to focus on the other rewarding aspects of running a range,” said Kevin Tomaszewski, VP of Marketing and Engineering at Action Target.

Camfil Dust Collection Unit (DCU)

Bullets emit a significant amount of lead dust. Adding the DCU to the Total Containment Trap™ removes this dust from the deceleration chamber and collects it for easy recycling. Action Target’s partnership with Camfil provides shooting ranges with premium DCUs, DCU filters and HVAC filters.

The American Series Shooting Stall

The American Series Shooting Stall provides shooting ranges with the unparalleled ability to customize their range. These extra-deep stalls have built-in muzzle blast barriers, integrated lighting and floor-to-ceiling walls to provide shooters with a comfortable atmosphere that is unrivaled in the industry.

Customers may choose from one of our standard designs or customize every element of the stall to match their range’s design and needs. An Action Target interior decorator is available to assist ranges with their selections.

“Ranges are constantly looking for ways to set themselves apart in today’s competitive market. With the American Series Shooting Stall, ranges can now customize every aspect of their stalls, providing shooters with a unique, luxurious and comfortable environment,” said Jesse Nelson, Product Marketing Manager at Action Target.

DRM Pro™

Action Target’s DRM Pro is a dual running target system that was created to exceed the training standards for law enforcement and professional shooters. This system allows trainers to replicate real-worlds scenarios through unprecedented precision control, acceleration, and speed (ranging from 2 and 20 feet per second). The system may be accessed and operated from a tablet, smart phone or PC. The user interface displays real-time validation of speed and track position.

Tempe PD firearms instructor and competitive shooter Kyle Schmidt said, “This is the most versatile moving target system I have ever used. Having the ability to make changes instantly via my device screen gives me more time with trainees and allows me to customize training on the fly without the need to change equipment.”

About Action Target Inc.

Action Target Inc. is a privately-owned business headquartered in Provo, Utah. As a world leader in modern shooting range technology with more than 4,000 products and 40 patents for the systems it designs and manufacturers, Action Target has installed thousands of shooting ranges across the United States and in 25 other countries around the world. Action Target also designs systems and conducts firearms training for law enforcement and various military divisions. For more information on Action Target, visit To learn more about Action Target products or to purchase items online, visit