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PROVO, UTAH – April 22, 2020 – Action Target Inc., the leading manufacturer of modern shooting ranges, announces a new warranty program that triples the industry standard. The comprehensive Trusted Partner Warranty™ covers Action Target products for three years.

“As a company, Action Target strives to be the Trusted Partner at Every Level. For the past six years, we focused on strengthening our product offerings and developing new technologies to revolutionize the shooter’s experience. Today, Action Target offers the industry’s most advanced steel trap, the most engaging target systems and the most connected range control platform. Utilizing our cloud-connected products, we streamlined how we provide service, updates, and support to our customers. These advancements allow us to offer not only the industry’s best products, but also the industry’s best warranty. We are excited to announce the launch of our new 3-Year Trusted Partner Warranty™. This new warranty is triple the industry standard and is one more way Action Target is proving to be our customer’s Trusted Partner at Every Level.” Said Mike Birch, CEO, Action Target

Core Products
The Action Target 3-Year Trusted Partner Warranty applies to the company’s core manufactured products and is effective immediately for new customers. The warranty covers the Genesis™ and Pilot™ Target Retrievers, SmartRange Axis™ Range Control System, the Dual Running Man Pro™ Moving Target, all Ballistic Shooting Stalls, the Vortex™ Steel Trap (with Buckets or 20G Barrel Collection System “BCS”), the Rubber Berm Trap, all Baffles and Deflectors, all pneumatic and electric Turning Targets, Autotargets, TAC House, MATCH Shoot Houses, and Line of Fire.

Comprehensive Coverage
The 3-Year Trusted Partner Warranty covers all parts and labor related to manufacturing and product defects of Action Target’s core products. Also included in the three-year warranty are shipping, mobilization, and installation. To ensure quick and efficient service, Action Target inventories a large supply of parts at its Provo, Utah facility and employs service technicians around the country. Action Target offers a full 1-year comprehensive warranty for all other products.

Range Maintenance
In addition to the 3-Year Trusted Partner Warranty, Action Target continues to enhance its already robust maintenance procedures to provide range owners with the tools and knowledge necessary to keep their ranges operating at peak performance.

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About Action Target Inc.
Action Target Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Safety Training Solutions, headquartered in Provo, Utah. As a world leader in modern shooting range technology with more than 4,000 products and 40 patents for the systems it designs and manufacturers, Action Target has installed thousands of shooting ranges across the United States and in 25 countries around the world. Action Target is the leading expert on modern shooting ranges. Since 1986, Action Target has partnered with thousands of range owners across the world to design, install, and maintain range equipment for law enforcement, military, and commercial operations. For more information about Action Target, visit




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