Range Development and Design Seminar

Upcoming: Provo, UT | March 13-15, 2024

Step by Step Process to Develop and Build Your Shooting Range

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to receive the best tools and information you will need to successfully complete your shooting range project. Attendance at the Range Development and Design Seminar allows you to meet with range consultants and other subject matter experts, visit local shooting ranges, and get answers to your questions about running a successful shooting range.

Topics Include

  • Experiences from Successful Range Owners
  • Range Design and Equipment
  • Identifying your Range Location
  • Navigating City Planning, Zoning, and Permitting
  • Lead Management Solutions
  • HVAC and Range Ventilation
  • Managing your Range and Retail Space
  • Public and Community Relations

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Law Enforcement Range Development and Design Seminar

Upcoming: Gilbert, AZ | November 8-9, 2023

Get the answers you need to build a state-of-the-art shooting range that provides high-quality training for your department. By attending the Law Enforcement Range Development and Design Seminar, you will be able to converse with subject matter experts who will guide you in making key decisions about the process of building your range. You will have the opportunity to tour and shoot on a fully tactical LE indoor range—seeing first hand what a modern training facility looks like. We will conduct a live-fire training course (including Low-Light Training) on the tactical indoor range which can be applied towards 8 hours of firearms instructor continuing education.

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