AutoTargets Accessories

AutoTargets is available with a number of accessories that enhance system performance. From ballistic protection to long distance WiFi antennas, AutoTargets has the options you need.

Live-Fire Targets

AutoTargets utilizes 3 or 4-zone silhouette targets that detect shots from conductive rounds. Targets last up to 1000 rounds depending on caliber.

Pressure Sensitive Target

An optional pressure sensitive system works with Airsoft, Simunition, UTM, FX, and Force-on-Force ammunition.

Ballistic Shield

AutoTargets is available with an AR500 plate with a 1″ rubber fascia and base system mount. Rated up to .308 non-armor piercing rounds, the ballistic shield protects system components from damage.


Weatherproof adapters increase range from target to target or target to control up to 600 yards or use two adapters to increase range up to 1200 yards.


An available universal mounting and wall mounting system attach AutoTargets to various surfaces.


Compressed CO2 canisters that can deliver 60 psi control target lifting.