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DRM Pro™

The Dual Running Man (DRM) Pro is the most powerful and feature-rich running man system ever designed. It boasts 3HP motors, ultra-wear resistant pulleys, speeds up to 20 fps, realistic acceleration, and an easy to use control interface for use on tablets and mobile phones. The DRM Pro uses two lateral traveling, non-turning target carriers capable of moving independently from one another because they are mounted on two separate tracks that run parallel to each other. Paper, cardboard, and plastic targets can be attached to the Dual Running Man by stapling or clamping them to the standard 1” x 2” wood sticks secured to the target carriers with clamps.

AWD Pro™

The wireless All Wheel Drive (AWD) Pro retriever is the most engaging and robust target retrieval system on the market. It features a modern, easy to use interface with 27 addicting games and training scenarios for all skill levels. These programs offer shooters an unparalleled experience, proven to improve the shooter’s experience.*

*Results of a survey of shooters using the AWD Pro for the first time.

Mancom™ Touch Plus

The Mancom Touch Plus target retriever is a tried and true, cable-driven target retrieval system with modular upgrade options to meet any range’s needs. Commercial ranges, police departments, and military installations around the world depend on the Touch Plus every day to deliver reliable training with 360 degree turning, programs, and advanced lighting features.

Mancom™ Touch-N-Go

The Mancom Touch-N-Go target retriever was specifically designed to be a quality target retrieval system with simple functionality. The Touch-N-Go is constructed of the highest quality, industrial grade components available.


The SRET target retriever is Action Target’s longest standing retriever. The base SRET model is available with a toggle switch and is the most economical offering from Action Target. An optional turning unit and keypad user interface may be added to meet the needs of each range.