The SRET target retriever is Action Target’s longest standing retriever. The base SRET model is available with a toggle switch and is the most economical offering from Action Target. An optional turning unit and keypad user interface may be added to meet the needs of each range.


Simple design works well for ranges on a tight budget.


Available option allows the target to turn 180 degrees in 90 degree increments.


Retriever uses a toggle switch or an optional keypad to control shooting distance.

The SRET is available with an optional keypad in either turning and non-turning configurations. The turning SRET provides enhanced training capabilities for ranges equipped with a central range control system.

  • Digital Read Out: Accurate target distances are displayed on the keypad.
  • Turning: Enhanced training and drills become possible with the use of the turning SRET.

The most basic and easiest to operate interface available. Simply flip a switch to send a target out and back.

The SRET seamlessly integrates into a central range control system for target control and custom courses of fire.

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