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Citadel Series™ Stall

The Citadel can be customized to meet the specific branding needs of your business and range facility. Choose from a variety of color and finish options, stall wall materials, stall accessories, and an optional lit lane number via a projection system. Non-porous materials prevent the accumulation of lead, oil, and carbon for easy cleanup.

American Series™ Stall

The American Series Stall creates a luxurious upscale atmosphere in your range. It’s floor-to-ceiling design provides a shooter their own private space, enhancing their range experience. The American Series is available in three standard variations, and virtually every component, color, and material can be customized with help from our in-house interior designer.

Guardsman™ Shooting Stall

The Guardsman Shooting Stall features a rugged, yet simple design that retains the industry-leading ballistic standards to which Action Target proudly holds itself. With a stainless steel trim and ABS skin, the Guardsman withstands the abusive conditions of a range with ease. The optional lower shelf adds functionality for shooters that is unmatched in its class.

Sentry™ Shooting Stall

The Sentry Shooting Stall comes in two configurations. The Sentry Deluxe model offers customers an enhanced private shooting experience while the Sentry model offers ranges a more economical single panel option. Set your range apart with this private shooting stall and its custom accessory and color options.

Defender™ Shooting Stall

Action Target’s Defender™ Shooting Stall is the most modular shooting stall on the market. Interchangeable ballistic panels make it easy and economical to replace parts. Custom color options and attachable accessories give your range a unique look and feel.