Citadel Series™ Stall

The Citadel can be customized to meet the specific branding needs of your business and range facility. Choose from a variety of color and finish options, stall wall materials, stall accessories, and an optional lit lane number via a projection system. Non-porous materials prevent the accumulation of lead, oil, and carbon for easy cleanup.


Customizable colors, materials, branding and lighting.


Independent UL 752 tests validate handgun and rifle ballistic integrity.


The American Series Stall is six feet deep for a private shooting experience.

Low Maintenance

Nonporous durable materials lead to long life and low maintenance.


Virtually every component, color, and material of the Citadel Series Stall can be customized to your range. Our interior designer and range design team will work with you to create the perfect stall to match the look and feel of your range.

  • Non-Porous Materials: Match your stall with the colors and textures of your shooting range. A variety of tile, rugged steel, and plastic skins prevent lead, oil, and carbon buildup while promoting easy cleanup.
  • Range Branding: A backlit stainless steel logo plate displays the lane number and your range logo.
  • Acoustic Treatment: The standard PEPP lined ceiling and muzzle blast barrier reduce noise reverberation. Rubber panels may also be used for enhanced life and easy cleanup.
  • Muzzle Blast Barrier: An integrated muzzle blast barrier improves the shooter’s comfort by blocking muzzle blasts from adjacent lanes and reduce noise reverberation creating an enhanced shooting space.
  • Stall Tables: In addition to the standard fixed table (with an optional shelf), the Citadel stall is compatible with a swing-up table, rifle table, and tactical cart. These options improve functionality and ease of downrange access.
  • Stall Lighting: Optional stall lighting properly illuminates the shooter’s table and booth while reducing shadows and glare. The Citadel has floor-to-ceiling customizable LED lighting that accents its modern design, that will enhance the look and feel of any range to a high level of modern sophistication.
  • Stall Footprint: Shooters will appreciate a deep footprint, which is perfect for those who desire the fortitude of privacy while they shoot. At the same time, sizable ballistic glass panels provide a high level of visibility for optimal safety standards on the range.

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