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TAC House™

The Training Ammunition Combat (TAC) House is a non-ballistic training tool for adaptive urban assault, building search and clearing as well as force-on-force training. TAC House is designed for use with simulated ammunition rounds, marking cartridges, or blanks.

MATCH™ (Modular Armored Tactical Combat House)

Action Target’s MATCH™ is a 360°, live-fire, ballistically safe, shoot house designed for teaching and learning close quarter skills, like room clearing and hallway navigation, with realism and safety.

By combining realistic walls, doors, rooms, and hallways into custom configurations, Action Target has created a realistic training environment that is critical to developing the confidence and conditioned responses needed for survival.

With armored steel walls, you can have total confidence that every round fired is being contained and safety is paramount in our construction and design. Action Target designs, constructs, and installs each MATCH™ unit themselves to ensure maximum safety and durability.

In order to provide better training, a shoot house needs to provide multiple options for entering and exiting, as well as reconfigurable layouts. MATCH™ utilizes sliding ballistic panels that accomplish this perfectly. The MATCH™ panels are attached to support rails that make these panels easy to slide into the desired position and maintain the same 100% ballistic environment as the rest of the building. These panels are available as doors and windows. Rooms can be closed off, hallways expanded, and blind alcoves created. This reconfiguration virtually increases the size of a shoot house and greatly increases training potential.