TAC House™

The Training Ammunition Combat (TAC) House is a non-ballistic training tool for adaptive urban assault, building search and clearing as well as force-on-force training. TAC House is designed for use with simulated ammunition rounds, marking cartridges, or blanks.


For use with simulated ammunition including Simunition FX™, Force on Force™, and Man Marker™ rounds.


Interchangeable parts can be configured in nearly any layout and allows for future expansion.


Requires only two people for assembly and take down.


Quality panels are built to stand up to years of use in training scenarios.


Perfect for training indoors and outdoors in any flat, open space.


Train with a Purpose

Ideal for low light, force on force, active shooter, urban assault, mission planning and walkthroughs. Your personnel will be prepared for the challenging reality they face.

Easy to Reconfigure

TAC House uses a simple assembly process that makes assembling, rearranging, and disassembling a house quick and easy. Within minutes two users can have a training atmosphere assembled and ready to use.


Endless Possibilities

TAC House is available with various panels and joints making it possible to create nearly any kind of training atmosphere with endless expansion capability.

  • Available Panels: TAC House has 5 available panels making it easy to set up unique rooms and house configurations. Left and right swinging doors are available, but not shown.
  • Available Connection Joints: With the TAC House connection joints you are able to set your training facility in any way imaginable. Additional parts are warehoused for fast delivery.

Complete Kits

TAC House is available in four standard kits to make ordering easy for whatever configuration your agency may need. Additional components are warehoused for quick delivery to expand the size of your kit. Each kit provides enough materials to assemble multiple house layouts. Custom kits are also available.
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TAC Floor Joint 01

Precise Fit

Every panel is built and assembles for flat and flush connections. This creates a stable structure that is forgiving on uneven surfaces, in inclement weather, or through intense wall impacts during training.

Easy to Deploy

All kits ship on standard double pallets to fit in any container or commercial truck.

TAC Panels Ship

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