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Wireless Master Control

Action Target’s Wireless Master Control screen has a 300-yard range, allowing the RSO or other personnel to control all range systems from virtually anywhere. Because of the stable, mobile platform, the operator can easily step away to address safety issues without having to worry about dropping or placing a control unit in a safe location first.

Mancom Master Control

Action Target’s Master Control Screen allows for complete range control from a central location using touch screen technology, making the operation and programming extremely user friendly. Its large display with a wide viewing angle allows the Range Master to easily monitor the range, ensuring safe operation of the range.


Action Target’s SmartRange™ software is a complete computerized shooting range control system that includes user-friendly range control software and a range interface module. SmartRange™ truly puts total range control at your fingertips.

Air Command Ultra™

Action Target’s Air Command Ultra™ wireless target control system lets you operate targets on your range without the hassle of dragging long cables around to be tripped on or damaged. The system uses existing cordless telephone technology for proven reliability and convenience.