Action Target’s SmartRange™ software is a complete computerized shooting range control system that includes user-friendly range control software and a range interface module. SmartRange™ truly puts total range control at your fingertips.

User Friendly


Range Interface

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All you need to know is how to find the space bar on a keyboard in order to operate SmartRange™ in its manual mode. It’s that simple to get started! Learning the more advanced features is quick and easy because everything is built around a step-by-step graphic interface.

SmartRange™ can be used to control any of the wide variety of Action Target actuators. This power gives you total computer control over anything from turning targets and tactical pop-ups, to steel reactive targets. You can also control lights, fans, audio systems, and any other electronic device on your range. Your scenarios can be saved to disk for used at a later time to ensure that every trainee receives the exact same training experience.

The range interface module has 16 channels which output 12 volt DC signals compatible with all Action Target electrically triggered components and actuators. Each individual channel can be programmed independently, or all channels can be operated simultaneously at changeable intervals. Manual mode also allows independent or simultaneous operator control over any or all channels.

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