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Automatic Popper™

Action Target’s Automatic Popper™ is an extremely versatile general purpose actuator that is used to lift a wide variety of targets. It can be reset automatically with just the push of a button.

Deluxe KD™

Action Target’s Deluxe KD™ is the permanent version of the Steel KD and employs an 8” steel plate to provide instant audible and visible feedback to the shooter each time the plate is knocked down.

Bobber Xtreme™

Action Target’s Bobber Xtreme™ is a reactive steel target system that challenges shooters to make the right shot quickly and accurately using innovative training software to control presentation times and intervals.

Line of Fire™

Action Target’s Line of Fire™ is a revolutionary concept in firearms training and range design, providing you with six specialized training tools in a single, self-contained, self-armoring shooting range system.