Automatic Popper™

Action Target’s Automatic Popper™ is an extremely versatile general purpose actuator that is used to lift a wide variety of targets. It can be reset automatically with just the push of a button.

Versatile Targets

Smooth Action


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Action Target's Automatic Popper™ is an adjustable actuator that lifts a steel, paper, cardboard, large 3D, or plastic target into view of the shooter by various controls. When used with SmartRange™, the reset interval can be adjusted from 0.50 second to as long as you would like.

The Automatic Popper is pneumatically powered with a pressure operation range of 40 psi to 100 psi. It can also be triggered by a 12V signal of less than 300mA. The actuator uses 10.6 cubic inches of air per actuation. It utilizes a proportional force cam lifter system to control the reset and lift actions smoothly and reliably. The Automatic Popper has about 60 ft lbs of torque in the horizontal position, tapering proportionally to 0 when vertical.

The power is adjustable to allow the actuator to be used with all types of handgun ammunition.

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