Range Project Spotlight: New Range In Pinellas County, Florida

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office will soon train in their new state-of-the-art outdoor baffled firing range. This new range includes Action Target’s high quality outdoor Total Containment Trap with a Screw Conveyor collection method. Both innovative systems make recycling much easier by catching all fired bullets in one 55 gallon barrel.

The new outdoor baffled firing range has a variety of tactical target systems, creating a multitude of training scenarios and environments that increase the range’s ability to do more than simply “qualifying” police officers.

Both ranges at the Pinellas County Sherriff’s Office include the follow training equipment and scenarios:

  • Running Targets—Essential for training since real-life threats do not stand still
  • Turning Targets—Used to create training environments promoting quick decision-making on how and when to take the shot
  • Multiple Threats—Programming “multiple adversaries” into gun fights and combat courses enhances training beyond single threat scenarios

Each training technique and target system is controlled by SmartRange—a computer software system that allows replication of “real world” scenarios. When engaging in a gun fight, officers experience several physiological changes to their bodies. Training in these realistic scenarios replicates this type of stress to help the officers learn how to handle it in a way that is safe and successful. When the moment does arise to put their training into action, they will have already learned how to more effectively manage their stress during action.

The range design includes input from Lt. Pupke (Pinellas County Sheriff), Lt. Littlejohn, Sgt. Chaisson, and Action Target. Everyone involved is pleased with the results of this fine training center. Action Target hopes to hold a training seminar at the range this coming spring, inviting local agencies to come and enjoy some great training on some great equipment.

We are proud of the foresight and planning done by Pinellas County, their leadership, their officers, and the citizens they serve. Thanks to the efforts of this agency, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is now ready for anything the future holds for their department, putting the Action Target motto into action: “Better Equipped, Better Prepared.”

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  1. A video showing exactly how everything works would be really interesting, not only for people doing range planning, but any individual interested in shooting. You could make sure your name is always the first name recommended when somebody asks about setting up or revamping a range. You do amazing stuff.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, John. As we expand our video department, we would love to do some more educational videos about our shooting range products and how they work.

  2. Had the opportunity to fire on the new range not long ago. I was very impressed with the new system, a far cry from what we’ve had in the past. Although it’s an outdoor range, it is very comfortable, roomy, and the moving/pivoting target system works like a charm. It is quite versatile, and will allow us to set up lots of scenario shoots as well as regular qualifications.

  3. I am a federal law enforcement officer, with the TSA Department Of Homeland Security. I live in clearwater. Can I utilize your facilities, of course when there is an opening, or time available. I have all my credentials and so forth. Thank you. Officer Kevin Cook

    1. Kevin,

      We installed Pinellas County’s training facilities, but we are otherwise unaffiliated with them. If you would like to train at the Pinellas County range, you will have to contact them directly.

  4. Hello! I will like to train at the new PCSO shooting range. Currently, I am in the military and want to working on my rifle marksmanship skills. May I have the new address for this shooting range(and possibly) the phone number? Thank you!

    1. Their address is:
      3410 118th Avenue North
      Pinellas Park, Florida 337625
      If you look up the Pinellas County Police Department, you should be able to find a phone number.

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