Mancom Master Control (Discontinued)

Product Discontinued. Ongoing future customer support and service parts will be made available for existing customers. Action Target’s Master Control Screen allows for complete range control from a central location using touch screen technology, making the operation and programming extremely user friendly. Its large display with a wide viewing angle allows the Range Master to easily monitor the range, ensuring safe operation of the range.


User Friendly



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The range officer can create up to 100 training scenarios, control lighting, sound effects, video inputs, and the security features of the range. This eliminates concern for computer crashes, disk and mouse failures, viruses and the expense of technical support associated with personal computers. Each master control screen can control up to 32 shooting positions.

All screens are menu driven with on-screen help guides. Shooting scenarios for training or competition shooting can be easily programmed requiring no special computer skills.

All operation screens contain a Safety Stop button which will edge all targets when activated. The system powers up within 10 seconds and also has a sleep function that powers down the system after 60 minutes of inactivity. As an additional security feature, the control screen can be disconnected and stored in a secure location.

The Master Control Screen is engineered to operate in extreme indoor or outdoor environments including hot, cold and humid conditions. All of this allows for a safer and more effective way to manage range operations.

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