Wireless Master Control (Discontinued)

Product Discontinued. Ongoing future customer support and service parts will be made available for existing customers. Action Target’s Wireless Master Control screen has a 300-yard range, allowing the RSO or other personnel to control all range systems from virtually anywhere. Because of the stable, mobile platform, the operator can easily step away to address safety issues without having to worry about dropping or placing a control unit in a safe location first.




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The Wireless Master Control Screen is compatible with both the Freedom AWD and Touch Plus target retrieval systems as well as various Mancom target turning mechanisms.

The intuitive touch screen interface gives the operator complete control over the range’s every function including target systems and optional equipment such as intercom, sight lights, range lighting, photo electric safety beams, door alarms, HVAC, and bullet trap conveyors.

The Wireless Master Control Screen adds security and safety to your range with password protection and the ability to enable and disable shooting lanes individually and collectively.

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