Air Command Ultra™

Action Target’s Air Command Ultra™ wireless target control system lets you operate targets on your range without the hassle of dragging long cables around to be tripped on or damaged. The system uses existing cordless telephone technology for proven reliability and convenience.






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Air Command Ultra™ gives you the ability to access pre-programmed training drills and scenarios from a cordless phone which allows you to spend your time observing on the range, instead of walking back and forth to the range computer.

Using the SmartRange™ software, you can program the targets to turn, lift, bob, or whatever movement your target is capable of. You can also assign the targets’ exposure time in seconds to increase or decrease the difficulty of the drill. Once the training scenarios and drills have been saved in the computer, they are assigned a number and can be immediately accessed from a cordless phone with a simple push of a button.

The Air Command Ultra™ system is compatible with almost any cordless phone, making it easy for you to implement and replace your control interface.

Action Target's Air Command Ultra™ is licensed under U.S. Patent 6975859.

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