PT Twist Rimfire

SKU: AT-130

CATEGORY: Portable Steel Targets

BRAND: Action Target

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The patent pending PT Twist Rimfire interactive target may be the most effective way to burn through your stock pile of .22 LR. Made from 3/16-inch MIL-SPEC high strength steel, it combines rugged impact resistance with supreme reactivity on the range. Uniquely formed from a single piece of steel, there are no welds or bolts to break or ricochet providing a safe and long lasting target.

Fun Walking Movement

The unique design of the PT Twist keeps it moving in a consistent direction when hit on the target zone. Compete with your friends and race your target to prove who's the best shot, or just improve your target acquisition skills as the target moves further away. No matter how you shoot, the PT Twist is sure to provide hours of fun.

Weld Free Design

Unlike other similar targets, the PT Twist Rimfire is made from one piece of steel and has no welds or bolts. This provides a safer, longer lasting target than the competition.