E-50 Silhouette

SKU: AT-128

CATEGORY: Portable Steel Targets

BRAND: Action Target

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Bring out the big guns for this military-grade steel target capable of handling .338 Lapua and .50 BMG from as close as 100 yards.

The E-50 Silhouette is the first commercially available target from Action Target capable of handling .50 BMG rounds and is the only steel target on the market made from 1/2" AR550 armor steel. Designed according to U.S. Marine Corps steel target specifications with a 20-degree angled shooting surface and standard military E-type silhouette proportions, this target is made for everything from heavy military firearms training to long-range rifle shooting. With a patent pending stand design that keeps the target grounded even with the biggest of ammunition, you don't need to worry about using sand bags to keep it upright or going downrange to reset it.

The E-50 Silhouette's unique design allows the target head to be easily attached without any hardware using convenient bolt handles and slots through which the stand slides. The target head sits loosely on the stand to help absorb impact while providing a reverberating "clang" for instant audible feedback even hundreds of yards away for accurate shots.

Part of the Action Target Military Strong™ line of range equipment.

NOTE: The center stand and feet are made of mild steel and are not intended to withstand the force of a bullet. Shooting the stand and feet may result in damage.

E-50 Tech

Built for the Big Bore

The 20º angle, 1/2" AR550 steel, proprietary welding and cutting technique make the E-50 Silhouette capable of handling large, heavy ammunition such as .338 Lapua, 460 Weatherby, and .50 BMG.

Easy to Assemble

The E-50 Silhouette uses a patent-pending stand design that attached the silhouette without the need of hardware or tools.


E-50 Specs


  • Height: 64"
  • Weight: 146 lbs.
  • Torso Dimensions: 40" x 19.5"
  • Steel Grade: 1/2" AR550
  • Handgun Shooting Distance: 10 yards+
  • Rifle Shooting Distance: 100 yards+

Will AP rounds damage the E-50 Silhouette?: Yes. Armor piercing, green tip, steel core, and any other round designed to penetrate armor will damage this target.

Does the angle of the target affect the E-type silhouette dimensions?: The E-50 Silhouette is angled at 20 degrees (as per U.S. Marine Corps specifications) to help direct bullet splatter toward the ground. The dimensions of the target are slightly elongated to adjust for this angle, so what you see from the shooting line are the standard dimensions.