PT Scout

SKU: AT-128

CATEGORY: Portable Steel Targets

BRAND: Action Target

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The steel target you can carry

The PT Scout is compact, light weight, and easy to carry, making it easy to take it with you wherever you go. Working with the world’s best competitive shooters and knowledge from our own 33-year legacy, we’ve developed the safest, best sounding and most portable steel target ever created. Our patent-pending design sheds bullets from impact, down and away from shooters and spectators. We also enhance the 2x4 by leaning it parallel to the target plate, which protects the wood from being damaged by accurate shots. Target plates are available in 10 different designs and in both AR500 (pistol-rated) and AR550 (rifle-rated) through-hardened steel. The advanced target holder can be moved anywhere along the 2x4 to set different target heights on the fly. The advanced spring steel bracket system makes changing target plates fast and ensures that the target rings loud and clear on impact. Finally, the entire system can be assembled or broken down without any tools. For safety, sound, and simplicity, the PT Scout is the first true every day carry steel target.


Compact and Lightweight

In carry mode, the PT Scout is only 31" long, 3" wide, and weighs just over 10 pounds. This makes taking targets to the range easy, regardless of what vehicle you own. Match directors or competitive team coaches will appreciate that the targets break down into a small profile, making it easier than ever to take multiple targets to the range. Storing the PT Scout takes up minimal space compared to other steel targets on the market.


Enhanced 2x4

The PT Scout improves the 2x4 by adding a forward lean, parallel to the target plate. This may not seem like much, but it protects the wood from being damaged by accurate shots and getting torn up with spall and splatter. This ensures your 2x4's are reusable and safe to handle.


Advanced Target Bracket

The target plate utilizes a spring steel bracket that makes changing targets fast and ensures that the target rings loud and clear on impact. Furthermore, the holder is able adjustable along the 2x4, which makes it possible to change the target height on the fly. This means there's no need to cut your 2x4 to set targets at different heights.


Designed with the Competitor in Mind

Designed with feedback from match directors and the world's best shooters, the PT scout is perfect for competitive shooters. An entire match stage can fit in the trunk of a car and be set up in minutes.

"Action Target keeps coming up with the best stuff. Now there's no excuse not to train on steel."
— Rob Leatham, World Champion Shooter


10 Available Target Designs

The PT Scout boasts 10 different target designs that are available in both AR500 (pistol-rated) and AR550 (rifle-rated) through hardened steel. The pistol version uses a completely smooth plate making it safe to shoot from just 10 yards away. The rifle version features a reversible plates and uses replaceable grade-8 bolts. It is safe to shoot from 100 yards away with lead ball ammunition under 3,000 fps.

Blaze a New Trail with the PT Scout

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