Action Target Launches New Website


PROVO, Utah – Action Target Inc., the leading manufacturer of shooting ranges, today announced the launch of its new website –

Published earlier this year, Action Target’s revamped website instantly engages visitors with a bold and captivating design. Its intuitive navigation allows users to easily access pertinent information about Action Target’s shooting range solutions and product offerings.

The interactive Build Your Range experience headlines the website’s feature set. Whether building a commercial, law enforcement, or military range, “Build Your Range” walks users through the many options available for a shooting range equipped with Action Target’s products. Users can also opt for a follow-up consultation with an Action Target representative.

Seth Ercanbrack, The Marketing Communications Manager said, “The new website is really exciting. It is packed with hi-res imagery, videos and interactive features that give customers the ability to quickly become familiar with our products and the range building process.”

Designers and builders will also appreciate the Action Target shooting range portfolio, which allows them to get a better understanding of the company’s innovative range products and designs.

Action Target takes great pride in its advanced training courses. The new Training page provides users with both detailed information and registration abilities for the Action Target Academy, LETC (Law Enforcement Training Camp), and seminars.

The new Action Target website offers a notably more robust user experience than its predecessor, with rich online content and an enhanced user interface design. To see the new website and view other changes, visit

About Action Target

Action Target Inc. is a privately owned business headquartered in Provo, Utah. The US market leader for shooting range technology, Action Target’s key markets include commercial, law enforcement and military. With over 4,000 products and 40 patents for the systems it designs and manufactures, Action Target differentiates itself from its competitors with its unique start-to-finish approach from design and engineering to manufacturing and installation. Action Target also designs systems and conducts firearms training for law enforcement and various military divisions. For more information, visit