Rob Leatham Training with the Action Target Torso

World champion Rob Leatham shows how to train on a static torso target.

As a 24-time USPSA national champion and 5-time IPSC World Champion, Rob Leatham knows it takes dedicated training and quality equipment to be a good shooter. To build the speed and accuracy he needs to stay on top of his game, Rob uses Action Target steel targets to train. In this video, he explains how he use the PT Torso  in several training drills. Check it out to see how you can improve your skills!

4 thoughts on “Rob Leatham Training with the Action Target Torso

  1. I always enjoy watching Mr. Leatham shoot . . it appeared that as the number of rounds increased within the same time limit, he was drawing & gaining sight acquisition considerably faster . . absolutely amazing! Thanks, Jim

    1. Back splatter and ricochet is handled by the steel target itself. Action Target portable steel targets are designed to dissipate the energy of the bullet and force splatter downward at the feet of the target. When a bullet hits a flat steel surface, the splatter comes off at 20 degree angles. If the steel surface is slanted (our targets are slanted 30 degrees), then the majority of the splatter is forced toward the ground directly in front of the feet. The shooting surfaces of our targets are designed to have no exposed nuts, bolts, or clamps which will cause unpredictable ricochet when they’re inevitably hit. That way, we can ensure maximum predictability when it comes to bullet splatter.

      If you’re interested, follow this link to learn more about safety when shooting on steel targets:

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