New Rimfire Targets Are Coming!

Check out this video to get a sneak peek of the whole new line of Rimfire Targets coming out this January.

In addition to the Rimfire Dueling Tree, Rimfire Plate Rack, and Rimfire Spinning Jack, Action Target will be releasing seven new reactive steel targets specifically designed for rimfire ammunition. The targets will first be available for purchase online January 15th. If you will be attending the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, you can see the targets in person and get free shipping on any Action Target product by visiting our booth. Hope to see you there!

5 thoughts on “New Rimfire Targets Are Coming!

  1. I recently purchased your rimfire falling plate rack and enjoy it immensely. I am now looking for similar sized rimfire plates to practice the steel challenge. A couple of 4″ round plates and a couple of 5″x8″ plates would serve nicely. Any thoughts?


    1. Skip,

      What kind of plate are you looking for, exactly? Do you want something that is reactive or a static rimfire target that size? All seven of the targets coming out in January are reactive and probably a little bigger than you’re looking for. Many of them have a center hit zone that may fit your specifications, though.

  2. Any chance that one or more of those 7 targets coming out in 2013 will be torso shaped? Something like your current PT tactical torso or IPSC A zone torso in a .22 steel rated plate would be a big hit!! I currently have your .22 dueling tree and its been awesome, however, a .22 torso would aid in even further skill development and practice!

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