LEO Tactical Survival | Real World Tactical at LETC 2019

Tony Sentmanat, Diego Devera & Ruben Alvarez instructing the LEO Tactical Survival at Action Target’s annual Law Enforcement Training Camp in Provo, Utah.

Kadance Konecny of American Fork Police Department interviewed.

Real World Tactical
Our Mission at RealWorld Tactical is to teach real life focused firearms training specializing in urban concepts that we have learned through our operational experience. Our primary goal is to give the average hard working person the skills and knowledge for a fighting chance against the human predator looking for its prey.

There isn’t always a happy ending, in fact most of the time the bad guy usually wins.

When you need a police officer they are never around, and when you only have seconds to react it takes them minutes to respond.

When you think things cant get any worse, they always do, and they usually come in threes.
When you become a victim of a crime, you have only seconds to make a difference in your life or the lives of your loved ones and you don’t get 10 takes to get it right (like in a movie), you only get one.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Situational Awareness is as important as carrying a gun.

Tell me who you hang around with and Ill tell you who everybody thinks you are.
Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Never under estimate your opponent no matter his/her size or weight.

If you run every time you have a problem, you will be running for the rest of your life, and I don’t know about you, but I hate running.

Everybody that carries a gun has a plan until they get shot at.

The faint zipping sound of a round as it passes your head is the most humbling experience that a man will ever feel in his lifetime..

Last but not least I have come to realize that we live in the greatest country in the world, a country where free men have sacrificed there lives so that we can have the freedoms we have today, and this country gives us the right to a carry a gun, do not give evil men and women the advantage, always carry a gun so that you can protect yourself and your family from those willing to to do harm.