How Many Acres Do You Need for an indoor Gun Range?

Are you wondering how many acres you will need for a gun range? We will discuss the amount of land needed to build your shooting range. 

How Many Acres Do You Need for an indoor Gun Range?

The average indoor firing range has a footprint of 2 acres of land. You will need acreage to support each firing bay, retail space, register, classroom, bathrooms, storage, office space, and parking. 

The average range sizes are between 10,000 and  20,000 sq. ft. and range from 1-2 Bays with 7 to 14 lanes.

What Is the Purpose of Your Gun Range?

The amount of land required for a gun range will vary depending on the usage. 

There are choices to make when you decide to have a range. You must determine if you will have an emphasis on range, retail, training and/or custom builds. Once this is decided it will be essential to work with an architect to review these choices in order to determining space requirements. A few questions that need to be addressed upfront include:

  • How many bays and shooting lanes are you planning to install?
  • What products and quantities are you planning to retail in your store?
  • Will your retail space focus on firearms and accessories?
  • How large of a retail space is needed to support displays and inventory?
  • Are you planning to provide regular training classes and if so how much capacity does your classroom require?
  • Do you expect to have a gunsmith or armorer onsite? If either will you provide the option to have customers customize their firearms?
  • Will your staff require offices, cubicles, lockers, or lunch area?
  • Will you provide uni-sex bathrooms or designated bathroom?
  • Are you planning to install wash sinks outside the range?
  • Do you plan to have a VIP lounge or snack area?

Deciding the purpose for your range will help you determine how much space you need. 

How Much Would it Cost to Build a Gun Range from the Ground Up?

It will cost approximately $350,000 for a range equipment and bullet containment. This does not include the land, or building cost. 

you buy a piece of property, you need to make sure you can obtain the permits to develop the property for the purpose of a shooting range, action target technical sale representatives can help you through the process, find your local representative at  

Where do I Find My State Gun Laws?

To find the laws that govern guns and their uses, you should check with your local and state agencies. You can find these agencies with a few quick Google searches. Be sure to enter your city, state, and county names as well as the term “gun laws and ordinances.”

These Government offices will be able to tell you where and when you are allowed to fire your guns. 

  • City
  • County
  • State
  • And Local Law enforcement

You are not allowed to fire a gun within the city limits in most states unless you are at an indoor gun range. Check your state-specific regulations.

Should I Buy an Existing Gun Range?

Buying an existing gun range is beneficial because it is already zoned as a firing range. It is less expensive to buy an existing range because you do not have to worry about the expense of construction. It is recommended that the property be inspected by a licensed inspector before purchasing it and that you confirm with the state that the range is compliant with all local and state regulations.

If you are interested in buying an existing gun range, a quick google or Zillow search in your desired area is the easiest way to determine what is available. 

Action Target Can Help

Whatever your gun range questions are, Action Target is here to answer them. With over 35 years of experience, we can help you build the perfect range for your unique needs. Whether you are building a commercial range that caters to casual or tactical training or a law enforcement range to better prepare your officers, our experts can help meet the challenges of building a range. Talk to one of our representatives in your area

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