Holiday Special: 15% Off Rimfire Targets Until the End of the Year

Happy holidays from Action Target!

From now until the end of the year, get 15% off the Rimfire Plate Rack, the Rimfire Spinning Jack, or the Rimfire Dueling Tree when you buy online. Just enter the code RIMFIRE15 at checkout and save big on your holiday shopping.



2 thoughts on “Holiday Special: 15% Off Rimfire Targets Until the End of the Year

  1. Your products are outstanding and want them all, eventually. I am trying to start a range for friends and family. The shipping rate is stopping me. Please come up with a cheaper way to ship. Let me know what other animals are coming out in January. Our range will be for 22 rim-fire only.
    How much to be a distributor in the state of NJ, CT, NY ???

    1. Ciro,

      Unfortunately, there really isn’t a cheaper way to ship. We ship via UPS ground and get a discount because of the high number of shipments we make. We pass that discount straight on to our customers, so we don’t make any money off shipping. The high price of shipping steel is kind of a harsh reality. One way to make it cheaper is to order things in high quantity. If the shipment weighs a couple hundred pounds, we ship it freight. That cuts the shipping cost down a lot if the shipment is extremely heavy. If you’re looking to get multiple Rimfire Targets, it would probably be heavy enough to qualify, but you would need the order to exceed 300 or 400 pounds in order to make it worth it.

      If you want to be a dealer, you can go to this link to fill out an application –>

      The buffalo target you saw in the video is the only animal shaped target coming out in the rimfire line. All seven of the targets are reactive, however, and have several different functions.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

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