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PT HostageIn an effort to be more connected with our customers and clients, we are revamping our social media sites. Now, when you connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, you can receive discounts on any order from our online store. We will also hold regular competitions where you can win free Action Target gear and steel targets!

For the month of September, we will be holding a contest to win a free Action Target Hostage!Details and updates can be found on our Facebook page.
We care about what you think and we would love to hear your suggestions and see pictures of you shooting on our steel. Help us better serve you by connecting with us online.


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6 thoughts on “Connect With us Via Social Media to Get Discounts and Win Prizes!

  1. Just some comments…

    Your customer service is both excellent and poor. I’ve spoken to several of your folks. They’re always incredibly nice and very helpful…at least they try to be.

    However, getting ahold of them in the first place is challenging. Requests submitted through your website go unanswered, emails sent directly to employees go unanswered, voice mails go unreturned. Not always…but enough.

    Follow through is also poor. It took me three months to get a couple replacement nuts/bolts for my targets. This is after the challenge of trying to reach people and then following their instructions to send them my address via email. It still took repeated contact after sending my address to actually get the bolts sent.

    And further to this, how hard would it be to put the bolts as an orderable option on your website so people can just order them?

    As I said, your people are incredibly nice and very helpful. My perception is that you are short staffed. These people are just too busy doing other things. You’ve got folks trying to do customer service activites who appear to have an entire other job in addition to this. And the customer is suffering because of this.

    I really really like your products! And I just bought another $500+ worth of targets. But I really gave it a long hard thought before I placed my recent order because of the challenges I’ve had getting “minor” service after the sale. I almost went with someone else because of this. But I could tell you folks are good people who just have too much on their plates. It’s clear to me that you guys will take care of your customers…it may just take awhile.

    Next comment…you need to come up with some additional targets. You have no Auto Poppers which is a pretty standard steel target.

    Would also love to see some more reactive targets. A combination target that includes your hostage feature and the center cut out of your tactical torso would be great. Except I just bought a tactical torso. LOL. These need to be offered in full IPSC size too btw.

    Would love to see some swingers too. Something that has two or three swinging targets hanging down. Make it so you change them out too.

    It would also be awesome if you could make a dueling tree that could also be mounted horizontally so the targets would become swingers. In this manner the dueling tree could serve a dual role. Which would be awesome. Please feel free to use my idea. Just send me a free one when you start making them! 😉

    Would love to see some more technical information on your site that addresses how you cut your targets and your decision to weld vs. bolt targets on. As we know, heat is the enemy to steal. This was most certainly a factor in my deicison to go with you guys. If I’m not mistaken, you guys use a plasma cutter. The competition I was looking at uses a laser cutter. But ultimately I liked your designs better and your cost was much cheaper. Suspect if you switched to a laser you would have to increase your prices. Those can’t be cheap. Still…aren’t lasers the next evolution of cutting technology? Anyway, I’m probably weird that I’m interested in why you chose a plasma and how your address the heat issue to ensure targets quality isn’t impacted.

    Anyway, hope that helps. Love your products!

    1. Mike, thank you so much for your comments. We really appreciate the thought and time you put into helping us understand what we could do better. Comments like this help us assess where we are currently and what we need to do to better serve our customers. I hope we’ll be able to address your concerns and suggestions adequately.

      In regard to your comments on customer service, it has come to our attention that we need to be more prompt and thorough when dealing with customer issues. I’m sorry you seem to have taken the brunt of that. Action Target is growing very quickly, and customer demand has, at times, put a strain on our ability to handle the customer service requests we get on a daily basis. We currently have some new systems we’re putting in place to better facilitate customer communication. Hopefully, the new systems will increase effectiveness and clear out the inboxes of our employees so they can more fully focus on the customer.

      One of the things we’re doing to increase customer service is to put spare parts like nuts and bolts on the online store, just like you suggested. Before long, you’ll be able to order a bolt package for your steel target without having to call or email anyone. It’s still in the works, but we expect it to be available soon.

      As for the targets, our research and design department has several new products coming down the line that we’re really excited about. We have a million things we wish we could do with our steel targets, but limited resources with which to do it. As a result, some target ideas have to be put on the back burner for another day. We definitely appreciate the ideas, though. We’re always looking for new ways to making shooting steel the unique experience it’s supposed to be.

      Finally, I think it’s a great idea to get more technical information about the target process on the website. We’ve played around with a few ideas, and we’ll probably be implementing them in the near future. Look for some changes to the website and online store within the next few months.

      Again, thank you so much for your comments and suggestions. We’re trying to do our best to be everything our customers want and need, but sometimes we fall short. Thank you for helping us be better.

  2. I bought a hostage swinger from you back in May, and finally took it out to the range in Carson City NV. I wanted to start out with something easy so I plopped it down just past the 100 yard line. Both my buddy and I confirmed, with separate range finders, that the target was 106 yards down range. After a couple of hours with a .308, a 30-06, and a .223 we quit and brought the target back. As a result, my hostage swinger has several dents in it and one rather significant chip. This isn’t supposed to happen is it? Did I do something I was not supposed to do? Is my target unsafe to shoot now? If it is unsafe what do I do, did I just waste $300? Talk with me please because I am rather worried.

    1. David, unless the muzzle velocity of your ammunition exceeded 3,000 fps, there shouldn’t have been a problem. With most rifle ammunition, 100 yards is adequate to prevent damage, but some .223 ammunition can exceed the suggested limits for 100-yard shooting. .223 Rem. (45 SpHP) has a muzzle velocity of 3,550 fps, .223 Rem. (55 Sp) has a muzzle velocity of 3,240 fps, .223 Rem. (64 Sp) has a muzzle velocity of 3,090 fps, and .223 WSSM (55 SpBT) has a muzzle velocity of 3,850 fps. Still, it’s rare that this happens.

      As for the current condition of your target, the problem with dented steel targets is it’s impossible to predict splatter and ricochet. Action Target steel targets are designed to direct bullet splatter in a predictable pattern at the feet of the target, but that’s only if the target is perfectly flat and smooth. When a bullet hits a dent, a chip, or any other deformity, that predictability is gone. We’ll get this worked out, but in the mean time, I would suggest not shooting on the target.

      I’m going to put you in touch with our portable target specialist. He can better help you with issues regarding damaged steel targets. He’ll be getting a hold of you first thing next week since he’s out for the weekend. We’d like to figure out exactly what happened here and hopefully resolve the issue. Thank you for letting us know.

    1. Glad to hear it Ken. If you have any issues, please let us know. And make sure to post a picture or two of everyone shooting at your place on our Facebook page.

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