Combat Target Line Liquidation

Recently, Action Target acquired Law Enforcement Targets, the largest paper target distributor to law enforcement departments in the United States. We are thrilled to add their comprehensive collection of images to our inventory and encourage our loyal subscribers and customers to contact Law Enforcement Targets for all your paper target needs.

Action Target Partners Law Enforcment Targets

Since all future paper target orders will be processed by Law Enforcement Targets, we have a significant amount of our ‘Combat Paper’ product line available at a discount price.

Normal retail price for these targets is around $0.32/each; however, we have divided up our remaining ‘Combat Line’ products into packs of 200. Most packs include an average of ten targets for each type of target included in this line; however we cannot guarantee an exact number per target type included in the pack.

Law Enforcement Combat Target Line LiquidationLaw Enforcement Combat Targets LiquidationLaw Enforcement Target Combat Line Liquidation

To see all of the paper Combat Targets, click here.

Each pack of 200 costs $50, with shipping included (note: for free shipping to be applied to your order, there cannot be any other items in your shopping cart besides the Combat Paper Targets). Certain states require a tax; if applicable, the tax will be added to the overall cost. We have a limited quantity of the Combat Paper packs left and once they are all sold, we will discontinue printing the Combat Paper line targets. All sales are FINAL.

Again, the number of packs is limited so check out our Combat Paper line for the last time and place your order today. To redeem this special offer, enter the code COMBAT2011 after purchasing your order at our online store, .

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  1. Are the standard LE photo targets still available? I hope they are. In decision making scenarios that we construct for students, they are invaluable for quick reaction and shot placement skills under timed stress fire. 2 second and 1 second drills on the move under low-light, the photo targets are excellent. The only other training environment as effective is force-on-force. However, even then the “surprise” potential is compromised due to the knowledge that they are in a structured training environment with a known target. Real life isn’t like that. I know, I’ve been there.

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Thank you for comment. To answer your question, Action Target recently acquired Law Enforcement Targets (LET), and until the end of May (or until they are all sold) Action Target will be liquidating all LE targets from their inventory. To find out more information about this, you can read our recent newsletter by clicking here, Even though Action Target will not be selling LE Targets directly, all targets can be purchased from the official LET website,, or by contacting the LET representatives below:
      (888) 489-7830:
      * Federal & Military ­ Kara Hale
      * International ­ Dan Swanson
      * Western US ­ Kathy Dube
      * Texas to Southeast US ­ Louanne Slattery
      * Midwest to Northeast US ­ Jennifer Deelstra

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