Action Target Inc. to Showcase Innovative Shooting Range Technology at the 2023 SHOT Show

PROVO, UTAH – January 5, 2023 – Action Target Inc., the leading global expert of modern live-fire shooting ranges, will showcase new and innovative shooting range technology, products, and services at NSSF’s annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas (January 17th-20th, 2023). Visit Action Target at booth #12816 for live, hands-on demonstrations and the latest shooting range technology. 

Action Target provides an all-inclusive end-to-end solution for shooting range facilities in commercial, law enforcement, educational, and military markets worldwide. We provide innovative range solutions that guarantee success and simplify the process for customers planning to build, expand, or improve their shooting range facility.

“As a trusted partner at every stage of a range project, Action Target is constantly developing products and services that promote the success of our customers. We are excited to display a selection of our new products and solutions at SHOT Show this year,” said Mike Birch, CEO at Action Target. “Part of Action Target’s mission is to ‘build the safest and most advanced shooting range possible, and the products and services we’re displaying this year show our intent to meet that mission.”

SmartRange AXIS™ New Features 

Action Target continues its commitment to expanding the capabilities of SmartRange AXIS™, the industry’s most powerful and complete range management system. SmartRange Axis puts complete range control at the fingertips of a range manager. Our user-friendly interface gives unparalleled control over lane management, target systems, ventilation (HVAC), pre-programmed drills, customer support, and target integrations. Smart Range AXIS provides unmatched customer engagement and training value to the range owner.

As part of updates to SmartRange AXIS, Action Target has improved the integrated target camera’s resolution and live feed capabilities on our Genesis and Pilot target retrievers. Customers can view the target in real-time, on the control screen, at any distance. Additionally, Smart Range AXIS will now provide the option to utilize a larger 15” local control screen in each stall.

Action Target has integrated additional target systems to SmartRange AXIS, including electric turning targets and DRM Pro (Dual Running Man running target. SmartRange AXIS also manages custom stall LED lights from the range’s master control system, unlocking additional branding and customization opportunities.

 Shooting Stalls 

Action Target re-introduces the CitadelTM shooting stall to its industry-leading shooting stalls lineup. Continuing to improve on our offerings, Action Target will feature new brass deflectors, training barricades, and easy lift tables. The updated brass deflectors will come standard with an adjustable height feature that prevents spent brass from entering adjacent stalls. The easy lift table allows access for down-range servicing of equipment or tactical training. These are just a few of the latest developments in Action Target’s mission to “build the safest and most advanced shooting ranges possible.”

Pilot X – Xtreme

New this year to Action Target’s extensive offerings of target retrievers is the Pilot Xtreme—a retriever built for outdoor ranges and training. The new product is designed to perform reliably in tough conditions with heavy rainfall, high humidity, and temperatures ranging from 32⁰F – 120⁰F. Engineered features such as an all-weather track and IP64-rated electronics allow this product to operate in the most remote locations around the globe. Learn more about the Pilot Xtreme by visiting the Action Target booth at this year’s SHOT Show.

Modular Range/s – ARCASTM

Over the past 36 years, Action Target has had the privilege of building thousands of ranges worldwide. Our shooting range products span every environment and meet the needs of the world’s most straightforward and advanced training facilities. Action Target, the leading range equipment provider in the world, previously partnered with CoverSix, the leader in customized modular buildings, to redefine Modular Small Arms Ranges. Together we commit our expertise to provide the next evolution of shooting range technology. ARCASTM Modular Range platform is the first of its kind modular range that genuinely meets the industry’s needs.

Recently, Action Target and CoverSix secured a contract with the U.S. Air Force to build the Offutt AFB Modular Range in Omaha, Nebraska. The ARCAS DLX is a UFC-compliant modular military range with an elevated viewing/control room, integrated ventilation system, 14 shooting lanes at a 25-yard shooting distance, and first-of-its-kind, open interior structure (no structural support columns) allowing cross-lane tactical training. The ARCAS DLX is engineered to look and operate identically to a permanent structure facility while providing the benefits of a modular platform that can be redeployed to a new location when necessary.

Simulation Training Powered by VirTraTM 

Action Target continues to strengthen its partnership with VirTra Inc. to provide the simulation training solutions often required as part of our customer training facilities. We are excited that combining expertise from both companies provides the industry with a comprehensive, end-to-end training solution, combining live-fire shooting ranges and simulation.

About Action Target Inc. 

Action Target is the leading global expert on modern shooting ranges. Since 1986, the company has partnered with thousands of range owners worldwide to design, install and maintain world-class shooting ranges, systems, and equipment for law enforcement, military, educational, commercial, and residential markets. Action Target provides range solutions and services for indoor/outdoor shooting ranges, modular ranges, and shoot houses. Products supported include ballistic shooting stalls, smart target retrievers, reactive targets, steel and rubber berm bullet traps, enclosure baffles, security systems, lighting, ventilation, Smart Range AXISTM range control system, and a 3-year warranty on key products. As the industry’s broadest end-to-end solution provider, Action Target also offers a comprehensive selection of aftermarket range services, including parts, and maintenance programs, rubber trap cleaning, metals recycling, hazardous waste and filter disposal, and an online store for range supplies. Learn more about Action Target at

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