Product Discontinued. Ongoing future customer support and service parts will be made available for existing customers. The Tandem-90 system utilizes one actuator to turn up to 10 connected targets simultaneously. The actuator is powerful enough to turn heavy foam and plastic targets. The target frame incorporates wood supports making it ideal for use with running man targets. The armored drive unit and slave actuators protect the mechanisms from bullet strikes.


Target Holder Options

Multiple Targets, One Actuator

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Turns paper, cardboard, foam, and plastic targets from face to edge and back to face.


Able to turn heavy targets such as 3D plastic and foam backers.


One pneumatic drive system turns up to 10 targets in a group at the same time.


Able to be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions and most climates.


Turn all targets with a simple electric thumb switch.


Integrates with our range control software for advanced features and functionality.

Action Target's Tandem-90™ system uses a pneumatic drive unit in conjunction with a bank of linked slave actuators to turn all of the cardboard or plastic targets attached to the actuators simultaneously. The bank of targets turns in unision from edge to face, and back to edge again, on a 90° rotation

2x2 2x2 Wood Holder

4x2 2x4 Wood Holder

UniversalClamp Wood Clamp Holder

Foam Foam Backer Attachment

Tandem-Detail-01 Tandem-Detail-02 The Tandem-90 is an affordable system as it uses one actuator to control up to 10 targets.

  • Economical: Less moving parts equates into lower overall cost
  • Reliable: The robust actuator has a very low fail rate keeping your entire system up and running day after day

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