Universal-90™ (DISCONTINUED)

Product Discontinued. Ongoing future customer support and service parts will be made available for existing customers. The Universal-90 features multiple movements including turning, swinging, lifting, and flanking, using a single heavy duty actuator. With a few simple adjustments you are able to transition between motions. Its versatility makes it an ideal addition to any decision making training configuration. The Universal-90 may be installed behind a line of fire, behind a tactical ceiling baffle, or on a free-standing portable base.


Programmable Training


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Targets turn from face to edge and back to face.


Able to turn heavy targets such as 3D plastic and foam backers.


Targets are able to raise to an exposed position from a hidden one and then return.


Able to be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions and Including cold conditions.


Targets can be controlled to turn individually or simultaneously.


Integrates with our range control software for advanced features and functionality.

Action Target's Universal-90™ uses a customizable mounting bracket and headpiece system to provide traditional turning motion, swing-up motion, pop-up motion, and flanking motion, all using the same heavy-duty actuator. With a few simple adjustments, your pop-up bad guys now become swing-up good guys, and your flanking attacker becomes a pop-up hostage.

Universal-Turn Turning Function (Edge to Face)

Universal-Swing Swinging Function (Hidden to Exposed)

Gain the ability to control each target independently by adding an electric control interface to each actuator. You can now control all your training scenarios using something as simple as a handheld air switch, or as advanced as our SmartRange™ control software that lets you generate totally random scenarios to keep your trainees alert and ready for anything.

Action Target's Universal-90™ is a multi-purpose pneumatic actuator that turns a cardboard or plastic target in a 90° rotation on variable axis centers. The adjustable nature of the Universal-90™ provides turning action, pop-up action, and swing-up action—all with a single actuator. The speed of all three 90° degree motions in both directions is easily adjustable on each individual actuator. The adjustable clamp mechanism holds 2 sticks of standard 1x2 lumber creating a variable inside span.

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