Line of Fire™

Action Target’s Line of Fire™ is a revolutionary concept in firearms training and range design, providing you with six specialized training tools in a single, self-contained, self-armoring shooting range system.

Turnkey System

Modular Construction

Versatile Training

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Action Target's Line of Fire™ instant range is a turnkey system that comes complete with an air compressor, the SmartRange™ control system (computer included), all necessary target control devices, steel target assemblies for the moving targets, cardboard qualification targets, paper combat targets, installation, and thorough operational training.

Action Target's Line of Fire™ is a frame-mounted instant shooting range that comes assembled in modular sections. You can connect as many sections together as you need, and the two moving targets can be configured to span the entire assembly of sections. Like the chassis of a car, the frame of the Line of Fire is a foundation that all the target systems and components mount to. No railroad ties, concrete, or other protective walls are needed in front of the targets because the frame of the Line of Fire also has an angled 500 Brinell steel wall built right in. All you need to use your Line of Fire is a flat piece of ground and a suitable backstop or bullet trap.

Proper firearms training with many weapons under a wide variety of scenarios may require moving threats, multiple adversaries, reactive shooting, threat recognition, and depth of field. To maximize training efficiency and flexibility, each section of the Line of Fire™ can be customized with various combinations of turning targets, swing-up targets, static steel targets, and reactive steel targets, plus the two moving targets that roam from end to end.

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