The Power-90 actuator turns a target from edge to face and back again. Its robust actuator turns heavier plastic targets and foam backers as well as paper and cardboard targets. The Power-90 is ideal for use with running man targets because it uses wood supports instead of metal C-rods to keep targets upright. The Power-90 system can be controlled by Air Command wireless control, an electric thumb switch, or integrated into range control software.


Targets turn from face to edge and back to face.


Targets may be controlled individually or simultaneously.


Various clamp options and configurations allow the system to handle nearly any target.


Able to turn heavy targets such as 3D plastic and foam backers.


Able to be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions and most climates.


Integrates with our range control software for advanced features and functionality.

The Power-90™ uses compressed air to facilitate the turning of the target with a proportional force lever action system. It uses a 12V trigger signal of less than 300mA to activate the pneumatic turning action.

Power-90-Upright Mounted upright behind a knee wall or barrier

Power-90-Inverted Inverted behind the last ceiling baffle at the target line

2x2 2x2 Wood Holder

4x2 2x4 Wood Holder

UniversalClamp Wood Clamp Holder

Foam Foam Backer Attachment

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