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BRAND: Action Target

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We all like to go to the range to practice with our firearms, but when we're honest we know that shooting at it gets boring to keep shooting at the same old targets. The Game Series paper targets make shooting at the range fun again. With 18 all new designs and more on the way, the Game Series delivers hours of entertainment at the range. Each target has games that can be played alone, in twos, or with a whole group. Get ready to play. Get the Game Series targets today.

Carefully Designed
to the Last Detail

Most "fun" targets feel rushed and not well thought out. Not the Games Series targets. From target zone sizes and placement, to the logic of the game design, every detail of the Game Series targets was carefully designed to make sure they deliver the best entertainment. Each target is also able to be handicapped to make shooting fun and competitive for shooters of different skill levels. Give them a try and you'll see for yourself— these aren't your typical paper target.

Get Ready to Play with the Game Series Paper Targets

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